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Invoice automation

Choose invoice management software that gives you full visibility and control over invoice processing in real time. Automatically track and match supplier invoices, and grant instant payment approvals in one centralized platform.


Say goodbye to manual invoice processing

  • Save time

    Optimize the entire AP process with a complete automation solution that consolidates every step in one place.

  • Think didgital

    No more paper invoices. Track all purchase orders and supplier invoices online, with no blind spots.

  • Increase accuracy

    Match POs and invoices with receiving reports in real time. View and schedule invoice payments instantly with a click.

Invoice automation at the heart of company spending

  • Approval policies
  • Team budgets
  • Invoice payment
  • Expense tracking
  • Virtual & physical cards
  • Spending reports
  • Pre-accounting automation

Monitor and validate budgets in real time

When team members need to spend for work, budget owners and finance are instantly notified with full details and budget breakdowns in the purchase order, on-the-spot. No more long email chains for PO and payment validation.

Approve invoices in a streamlined workflow

Purchase orders, invoice approvals, and payments are easier to manage than ever. Employees can see the status of their PO requests and managers can verify budgets and approve payments instantly, all from one intuitive platform.

Streamline payment processes

No more late payments with invoice processing automation. Stay up-to-date with clear notifications on the status and deadlines of each vendor invoice, ensuring you pay everyone on time. Suppliers will love you for it.

Automate invoice processes

Electronic invoicing eliminates manual data entry by using OCR (optical character recognition) technology to capture and digitise invoice data. AP teams can automatically process as many invoices as needed at once, in a fraction of the time it would take to file one invoice manually.

Match and pay supplier invoices confidently

Automatic three way matching eliminates duplicate or fraudulent invoice payments. Every invoice is electronically matched to an existing PO in the system and a receiving report to ensure 100% authorized payments.

Connect business cards to your accounting system

Digital spending data makes modern accounting easier. Instead of paper expense reports and manual data entry, accountants can review and reconcile all payments any time, faster than ever. Good tools let you export data or integrate directly with tools like Quickbooks, Xero, and Freshbooks alongside ERPs like Microsoft Dynamics, SAP, and Netsuite.


Spendesk is one of the tools that will allow us to scale. We can add people, new expenses, and expense volume, without adding anything to the back-office because it’s that far automated. And it still keeps us in control of things.
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Automated invoice processing software FAQs

Some of the most common questions and answers related to invoice management software.

  • Prevent human error. Mistakes in business processes are expensive. Accounts payable automation replaces error-prone manual processes with machine learning technology that instantly increases the accuracy and efficiency of e-invoice processing.

  • Close the books quicker. Cut down the processing time needed per invoice. Automation also streamlines two of the biggest time-consuming accounting processes: invoice reconciliation and financial closing at the end of the month.

  • Drive higher productivity. Streamlined workflows and less overlap in responsibilities give team members more time to work on developing strategy and driving company growth.

  • Sync with your accounting system. Whether you use a full ERP system or an accounting tool for SMBs, invoice data flows easily back and forth, saving time and effort.

Spendesk's intuitive invoice management tool is designed to be easy-to-use for all employees who work with the finance team, especially at companies with multiple office locations. Teams do not need to be in the same physical place and do not require complex onboarding to efficiently process invoices at scale.

The cloud-based platform guarantees wide accessibility and visibility on every step of invoice routing, from wherever employees need to work. These transparent processes and flexible collaborative features make AP automation software the ultimate tool for effective teamwork.

Yes. This functionality is one of the main advantages of invoice automation solutions. Every purchase order generated by employees is digitally sent to their overseeing manager, who can review the request amount, purpose, and total budget–then approve with a click.

It's the same concept for invoice approvals. Once the vendor invoice is routed and uploaded into the management system with invoice capture, all relevant parties along the approval workflow chain are automatically notified and can refer to the original PO or additional details before approving. Authorized invoices can then be scheduled for payment instantly–all from within the same platform.

Accounts payable automation can help finance teams at businesses of all sizes manage their accounting processes more effectively. Depending on the volume of invoices and transactions per month, a number of different features beyond just invoice management (like expense management and accounts payable tracking) can help teams improve their workflows and streamline overall business operations.

Team members and managers alike can benefit from the advantages that invoice automation offers. Finance enjoys greater control and visibility over company budgets without having to micromanage employees, who feel empowered to make autonomous spending decisions that are also in the company's best interest.

Get the perfect invoice automation software

Save precious time. Never lose receipts.