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A smarter way to manage office and administrative expenses

Spendesk gives you complete control over your company's operational spending.


Tools to manage administrative spending

upload quickly@2x

Invoice processing

Forget all the manual data entry. Spendesk lets you process and pay invoices in a few seconds, without sacrificing security or clear financial reporting.

spend safely@2x

Smart expense cards

Spendesk cards are perfect to keep your teams autonomous. Employees simply pay with their dedicated card and snap the receipt with the Spendesk mobile app for easy reconciliation. Smart, trackable spending -for finance teams.

centralize data@2x

Store documents digitally

Each invoice is uploaded to Spendesk as a PDF or JPG file and saved for as long as you need it. No more lost paper invoices, and no need to go hunting through your email inbox to find electronic copies.

realtime monitoring@2x

Real-time budget oversight

Track all your team's expenses in one place, the moment each purchase is made. More control and security than expense reports and company cards.

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When you’re a fast-scaling company, lots of people have requests, lots of people need funds, lots of people need to expense or need to spend. Suddenly, you lose efficiency, you lose control, and you have a lack of visibility. Spendesk keeps us in control of things.

Tom Libbrecht

Finance Manager, Silverfin

More key benefits for Spendesk users

Effortless subscription management

Subscription management

Track all of your subscription payments from a single dashboard, turn-off unused tools and keep a close eye on overall spending across the company.

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Product-Image Reimbursement US

Automate expense reports

Employees can quickly log their out-of-pocket expenses using Spendesk's handy app, ready for speedy approval, processing and reimbursement.

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trackable spending

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