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One place to manage all digital marketing spend

Control paid marketing budgets and track spending across all channels in a single dashboard.

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All your marketing spending in one place

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Manage subscriptions

Each purchase gets its own virtual card, with the request, approval and receipt stored digitally. You’ll always know when a payment is made, by whom, and what your total subscription spending looks like.

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Spend easily while travelling

Spendesk gives travellers prepaid expense cards that let them spend freely, while staying on budget and with each purchase recorded. Travelling should be about new growth and experiences, and not about expense reports.

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Track your full marketing budget

Marketing managers need to stay on top of digital advertising, travel, resources, and promotional collateral. Every Spendesk payment is assigned to the right person and budget, so you’ll always know what you’ve spent, and what you have left.

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Work seamlessly with finance

Finance teams need clear records of every payment made. Spendesk saves every invoice and receipt and lets finance teams access these whenever they need them. The helps finance and marketing work together smoothly and creates value for the business.

Download our marketing budget templates

Use our free budget templates to manage your marketing resources effectively.

I couldn't imagine this solution for making payments. But when I made my first Amazon purchase, buying gift cards for 40 people, I could so quickly and easily create the card, plug it in, and let it go. My whole management of a particular campaign goes really smoothly.

Olivia Hallett

Community Marketing Manager, AMBOSS

Other key reasons to use Spendesk

Approval workflow to simply pay for invoices

Simplify accounts payable

Spendesk lets you pay invoices directly from the platform, alongside other company expenses. It’s easier and more reliable, and saves a lot of time!

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Automate expense reports

Employees can quickly log their out-of-pocket expenses using Spendesk's handy app, ready for speedy approval, processing and reimbursement.

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Switch to smart, 
trackable spending

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