Forget about credit card sharing,
expense reports, and tedious paperwork.


Pay for what you need and never get stuck

  • Spendesk Prepaid Mastercard® cards for in-store purchases
  • Single-use virtual cards for online payments
  • Monthly capped virtual cards for subscriptions


View company spending in real time

  • Track purchases from order to payment
  • Define custom budgets per teammate
  • Set up clear approval flows for purchase requests
Spendesk Budget


Don’t waste time on paperwork

  • Automated invoice recovery and matching
  • Instant payment categorization
  • One-click export to your accounting software
Spendesk - Last Payments

What our customers are saying

Elisa Daitaku

Elisa Assier de Pompignan

Finance and Innovation, Dataiku

I'm astonished by the time Spendesk allows me to save everyday. Teams don’t get stuck when they need to make a payment and they don’t come to me to get the credit card anymore. I love it!

Xavier H

Xavier Haffreingue

COO, Tinyclues

With Spendesk I know in real time where the money is spent and I don’t have to lend out the company’s credit card anymore. What a relief!

Joseph Cochrane - AB Tasty

Joseph Cochrane

Key Account Manager, AB Tasty

Spendesk is an ingenious way to manage travel costs and keep track of all my expenses, it really makes my life much easier.

AB Tasty

Simple setup

Seamless adoption

  • 1

    Create your account

    Fill in basic information about your company to start a trial. Your Spendesk account is ready in just a few minutes.
  • 2

    Add funds

    Your banking details (IBAN) are automatically generated. Add funds to your Spendesk account via transfer or credit card to spend them later on.
  • 3

    Define your spending policy

    Invite your team and set up the approval workflow that fits your specific needs. You decide who can spend what amount and who can approve which requests.
  • 4

    Your teams can start paying!

    Teammates can now use Spendesk to pay for their expenses and save their invoices. All payments will appear instantly in your dashboard!
  • Autonomy

    Develop employee autonomy

    Empower employees with a trackable payment solution.
    Big Picture

    Get the big picture in seconds

    Gain visibility and control over your company spending.

    Increase productivity across teams

    No more bottlenecks. Forget expense reports. Eliminate lost invoices.

    Start your trial today

    30-day money back guarantee.
    No credit card required.

    Currently available in Europe, expanding to the rest of the world soon!

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