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Manage team perks and other office expenses easily

Spendesk makes it simple to pay for incidental office costs without the need for petty cash.

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Modern tools for office managers

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Easy online payments

Amazon, Ikea, and Etsy account for countless online payments on the company card. Instead, Spendesk lets you create one-off payments directly from your web browser without sharing credit card details. It’s quick and easy, and every payment is tracked.

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Smooth spending in-store

Office managers also need to buy snacks and supplies in-person. Spendesk’s prepaid cards mean you always have access to company money, without having to rely on those outdated payment methods. It’s just as easy to buy things, and there’s no issues with security.

Budget oversight

Manage subscription payments

Ongoing subscription payments are especially hard to track. Spendesk lets you see every recurring payment from one screen, and each has unique card details so when one gets cancelled, the rest are unaffected.

Individual limits

Work smoothly with finance

Your office managers work closely with finance. And they need to share office expense payments easily. Spendesk lets finance see what everyone’s spending in real time. That keeps the office running smoothly and finance in control.

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We don’t spend a lot of time doing expenses with Spendesk, because it’s so simple and easy. The app is there to solve those pains of ours. We just have to take a picture of the receipt after the expense is done and click submit. That’s pretty much it.

Antony Tikhonov

Business Development Manager, Seedrs

Other key reasons to use Spendesk

Approval workflow to simply pay for invoices

Simplify accounts payable

Spendesk lets you pay invoices directly from the platform, alongside other company expenses. It’s easier and more reliable, and saves a lot of time!

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Automate expense reports

Employees can quickly log their out-of-pocket expenses using Spendesk's handy app, ready for speedy approval, processing and reimbursement.

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trackable spending

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