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Ways to use Spendesk

Not every company spends the same. Which is why our flexible platform caters
for a wide range of spending needs.

Built to solve the needs of each of your teams

  • Finance

    Get full visibility over company spending

  • Marketing

    Manage all subscriptions & marketing spend in one place

  • Sales

    Ditch traditional expense reports for an easy, on-the-go solution

  • HR / Operations

    Establish a spending process that works for the whole company

  • IT / Tech

    Control all your subscriptions and focus on what matters

  • Office management

    Access flexible, secure payment methods when needed

I can manage everything via Spendesk and that's what makes the software take another dimension. Today, everything that comes out of my bank has to go through Spendesk and my cost accounting is already done!

Mandana RicheCFO,

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