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Why Spendesk

Control budgets, pay easily, and track everything your company spends.

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The status quo

Most companies require multiple tools and complex processes just to make a single payment.

Payment reconciliation
Financial controlling
Expense reports
Purchase orders
Receipt collection
Spending policies

The new standard

You only need one

We’ve combined smart payment methods with even smarter financial software to create the perfect business spending solution. Decentralize the spending process without compromising on control.

  • Spend management software

    Set spending limits, monitor budgets and track, reconcile and report every payment your team makes in real time.

  • Smart payments

    Let employees access company funds when they need them. They can spend online or on the go, in any currency required with virtual cards, physical cards, an invoice or cash.

The Spendesk difference


Centralize control

While decentralizing employee spending.


A scalable solution

Software designed to evolve with your business.


Real-time visibility

Track 100% of company spending as it happens.

Build a healthy spend culture

Usually finance teams have to fight to convince employees to adopt new tools and processes. Not with Spendesk. With clear benefits for finance, managers and employees, get the right balance between control and efficiency when spending company money.

Employees Finance Autonomy & trust A refreshingly easy experience Control & budgeting

The countless benefits of
smarter spend management

Traditional company spending processes are a barrier to growth.
But a good spend management system gives you more of everything!

Get more control with less work

You typically only discover spending issues once the money’s gone. Spendesk’s smooth pre-approval workflow automatically keeps everyone in the loop and on-budget, without adding more admin or complexity.

Control Product-Visual-DE

Track spending in real time

Every Spendesk card payment, invoice, and reimbursable expense is tracked and immediately visible to the spender, the budget owner and the finance team. Which means no more end-of-month surprises.

Spendesk teams visibility

Reduce fraud & protect funds

Spendesk virtual cards are linked to specific team members for more secure online spending. Every payment is tracked with ease. And because we eliminate expense reports completely, that’s another fraud risk gone.

Spendesk security

Create one spending process

No matter what you need to spend, you can with Spendesk. From online to on-the-go, we have dedicated payment methods for every type of operational spend. And it’s all tracked and managed in our powerful spend management software, meaning no more jumping between legacy tools, email chains and siloed systems.

Spendesk simplicity

Save time and cut paperwork

The average finance team saves 4 days of work each month with Spendesk. And there’s no paperwork at all, which means less room for human error, and more efficient spending.

Spendesk efficiency

Our customers get results

  • 95%

    of customers say Spendesk makes them more efficient and collaborative.

  • 4 days

    saved by finance teams on average each and every month with Spendesk.

  • 84%

    of customers feel more confident about where money is being spent.

Switch to smarter spending across your company.