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Three steps to smarter spending

Sign up & load funds

Verify your company and load funds to your Spendesk wallet from your existing bank account.

Set your spending rules

Define teams, approval workflows, spending policies, and card limits that work for you.

Invite your team

Employees can request funds, pay securely, and submit receipts in a snap with the Spendesk app.

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A simple and effective spending process that works for everyone at your company


Put finance in control

Finance defines teams, cost centers, spending rules, and authorized approvers in one central tool.


Empower your teams

Give teams ownership over their budgets and access to a range of secure payment methods including virtual cards, physical cards, and supplier invoices. You can even reimburse out of pocket expenses.


Monitor spending in real time

Easily track every payment your company makes, from approval all the way through to your accounting software.


Automate receipt collection

Employees are automatically reminded to submit receipts for every expense, and loose access to payment methods if receipts are not added.


Streamline payments admin & bookkeeping

Create supplier rules to map payments from any source to your expense accounts automatically, for simple validation at the end of the month.


Integrate with your financial stack

Enjoy native integrations and custom exports that seamlessly integrate Spendesk transactions and receipts into your existing accounting systems.

Why finance teams love Spendesk

  • Real-time visibility

    Easily track spending across your company in real time. Stay in control and on budget.

  • Built-in processes

    Control all payments across your company from approval to accounting in one central tool.

  • Empowered teams

    Teams own their budgets and can pay securely with virtual cards, digital invoices and expense reimbursements.

  • Smart subscription management

    Save money by reducing unnecessary spend and duplicate subscriptions. All subscriptions are visible from one dashboard.

  • Improved collaboration

    98% of employees say Spendesk is easy to use and improves their team collaboration.

  • Increased efficiency

    Save time on low-value payments admin. One click export all payments and receipts to your preferred accounting tool.

Spendesk is one of the tools that will allow us to scale. We can add people, new expenses, and expense volume, without adding anything to the back-office because it’s that far automated. And it still keeps us in control of things.

Mandana Latifi, CFO

Why managers love Spendesk

" Easy to use for everyone involved, great user experience! Compared to other big players in the expense tools category like Netsuite, Spendesk is a dream to use! "

Camila Pedraza

Localization Manager @Assessfirst

  • Seamless approvals

    Approve (or deny!) spending requests from your team in seconds.

  • Easy budget tracking

    Monitor your team's budget in real-time and stay on top of spending.

  • Empowered teams

    Your team is empowered to spend autonomously within the defined spending rules.

Why employees love Spendesk

" I love the mobile app. It's very practical to use when you're on the go and saves me a lot of time. I can take a picture of my receipt as soon as I pay with my Spendesk card and it’s done! "

Daphné Duchatel

Manager @Jimmy Fairly

  • Convenient cards

    Easy payment options for any situation. Use virtual cards for online spending and physical cards on the road.

  • Fast reimbursements

    Caught without your card? Snap your receipt and submit a reimbursement request straight from the app.

  • Simple invoice payments

    No more endless email chains. Upload supplier invoices in seconds for validation and payment by the finance team.

Seamlessly integrates with your preferred
banking & accounting tools

  • Bank

  • Spendesk

  • Accounting

Want to learn more?

We know switching back-office software is a big decision. That's why we've answered some of top questions from potential customers.

Absolutely! We are here to answer any questions you have both before and after you get started with Spendesk. Our friendly, responsive Success Team is here to not only help you get the most out of Spendesk but to offer helpful tips on how to optimize your spending process. Email us at email to chat with one of our friendly team members. We’re happy to help in French, English, Spanish or German.

Manually, never! Ultimately our goal is to do away with expense reports altogether, however, we realize that we still need to cover all spending situations. Therefore, we provide digital expense claims in the case when employees have to pay out-of-pocket because the merchant only accepts cash.

Employees simply snap a picture of their receipt via the Spendesk mobile app and create an expense claim on the spot. This removes the need for manual data entry and saves time for both the employee and the finance team.

Yes, employees can use debit Mastercards for on-the-go business travel expenses and in-store purchasing.

Finance teams and appointed managers can control cards in a simple dashboard to:

  • Set budgets for each cardholder;

  • Enable cardholders to withdraw cash or not;

  • Add more funds;

  • Reduce budgets or block cards at any time.

    All payments are itemized within the Spendesk platform. And users take pictures of receipts at the time of spending so that reconciliation can be automated.

Spendesk provides payment methods for modern businesses, and a powerful platform for finance teams to manage spending. This includes debit cards to replace old-fashioned company credit cards, virtual cards for online purchases, and automated expense reports for unexpected payments.

For employees
Employees no longer need to spend out-of-pocket. They request funds for a particular purchase, and can use their Spendesk card or virtual card to execute the payment.

If for any reason the employee can’t use their Spendesk card, they snap a picture of the receipt via the Spendesk mobile app and create an expense claim on the spot. This is sent directly to their manager for validation, and on to the finance team.

For finance teams
Each employee has their own Spendesk profile and debit expense card. So unlike the company credit card, you always know who’s spending company money.

The platform lets controllers create spending limits and pre-approvals. C-Level executives or managers will have a different level of pre-approved spend from other staff. Should a team member need to go over their pre-approved budget, they can make a request to their manager via the mobile app or the platform online.

When an expense is made with a Spendesk card, the employee simply snaps a picture of the receipt at the time of purchase. Which means no more lost receipts.

Finance teams can see real-time company spend and follow up on missing receipts or invoices by sending reminders to employees via the platform.

Reviewing expenses is also easier as finance teams can group expenses and assign them the right VAT rates and expense accounts before exporting everything easily to their accounting tools.

Spendesk streamlines the whole business spending process, making spend management intuitive, simple and efficient.

Switch to smarter spending across your company.