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When we started growing, Spendesk helped us maintain our agility.

Malt has been connecting companies with the best freelancers for over ten years. Their ambition is to find the perfect match for the project under the best possible circumstances.



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Quentin Debavelaere, Chief Operating Officer


A solution tailored to a growing company

Before Spendesk, payments at Malt were a multi-step process. The COO had access to the bank account to make transfers, and when an employee made purchases using the card, the CEO had to be available to authenticate the purchase. Spendesk has made it possible to cut down this complicated process, thanks to its user-friendly payment methods and personalized approval workflow.

Before Spendesk

Complicated expense tracking

Time-consuming receipt management

Poor control of recurring payments

Limited autonomy for employees

With Spendesk

Increased visibility and control over payments

Automated expense claim management

One-click subscription management

Accountability for employees

Read the full testimonial from Quentin Debavelaere, Chief Operating Officer at Malt and  Spendesk customer since 2016. He explains why Spendesk is perfectly suited to Malt’s needs.

Malt has created a world where everyone is free to work with the people they choose

Since 2013, Malt’s been solving a well-known problem faced by businesses: finding freelancers to help their projects move forward.

Their mission? To revolutionize the way people work by reshaping the market for intellectual services. The idea is to use a cutting-edge algorithm to find the right person and thereby become more agile, innovative, and competitive.

Malt is now the largest freelancing community in Europe, with over 550,000 self-employed people on the platform and 70,000 partner companies.

As COO or Operations Director, Quentin's role has evolved considerably. From handling business development, internal operations and finance, he is now in charge of international affairs following their expansion into several European countries, including Spain and Germany.

Time management: the number one benefit of using Spendesk

"My biggest challenge is not wasting time." Quentin tries to spend as little time as possible on low-added-value tasks. This is easier said than done because before implementing Spendesk, he had to make himself available to carry out card transactions for his colleagues. What's more, the teams were losing several days each month trying to retrieve all the receipts.

It was crucial for Malt to implement automated processes to collect receipts and approval flows in order to save days’ worth of administrative work and detect potential shortcomings or fraud.

"It was virtually impossible for me to know who had made which payment to which company or supplier. So we started looking for a solution that would enable us to give our employees greater accountability for managing their business expenses."

Greater autonomy for all staff

Finance team members are the heaviest Spendesk users. They’re responsible for processing all the information and managing expenses, invoices, etc. in Spendesk, whether in France or in the Spanish and German subsidiaries.

With Spendesk, employees can make their own purchases. At the same time, the finance teams have much more control. The CFO has been able to integrate a spending policy and validation thresholds, as well as export data very easily to see which budget has been used by which person or team.

Sales staff can book their hotels and plane or train tickets, and once they're back they can submit their expense claims directly into Spendesk for rapid payment reconciliation. 

All Malt employees benefit from connected and secure means of payment, adapted to their activity and needs: everyone is empowered from the support teams to the executive team. This system provides detailed and accurate reports, enabling strategic decision-making for the company.

"It's much simpler, and what's more, payment reconciliation is immediate.

To all companies considering using Spendesk, there's one thing I'd do very quickly: bring on the CFO. They're always the last to be convinced, even if they gain the most from it. For Malt, there's no downside to using a tool like this.

Quentin DebavelaereChief Operating Officer

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