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Integrate Abacus & Spendesk with ease

Connect Abacus with Spendesk to maintain accurate employee records across your finance stack. Onboard new users in moments and eliminate basic mistakes.

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How it works

1. For brand new Spendesk customers

During onboarding, the integration automatically creates your team's Spendesk profiles to match your HR tool and your defined rules.

2. A user exists in Spendesk but not in your HR tool

Spendesk will not add them to the HR tool. This keeps your HR tool as your key source of truth. But you keep the flexibility to manually add members if you need.

3. A user exists in both Spendesk and the HR tool

When an employee’s information is updated in the HR software, the changes are reflected in Spendesk.

4. A user exists in the HR tool but not in Spendesk

Their profile is automatically created in Spendesk if it matches your company's defined rules.

Save time & keep a clean user base

  • Onboard fast

    Save valuable time and create your team's Spendesk profiles in minutes.

  • Stay in sync

    As soon as an entry is created or changed, you’ll find it in Spendesk.

  • Minimize errors

    Avoid the common mistakes from data entry, including duplicate profiles and basic typos.


Frequently asked questions about Spendesk’s HR integration.

No. Spendesk is a spend management solution which lets companies (and their teams) spend efficiently and control costs.

Some of your employees’ HR data is the same information needed to create a Spendesk user profile: name, email address, personal bank account details, and more. If you join Spendesk with 200 employees, importing this information can take significant time. Our HR integration automates this, so there’s no manual data entry.

The integration also ensures that this information is always up to date in both systems. If a user makes changes in your HR software, they don’t also have to update it in Spendesk.

The goal is to have a finance and HR tech stack that works seamlessly, and save time on manual work and data entry.

This also ensures an easy employee experience. Team members don’t need to remember to update their details in different systems - it's just one change.

Only HRIS data that serves a clear purpose in Spendesk is transferred. This includes:

  • Name: Used to create their profile and help you track who’s spending what.

  • Email address: The main point of contact for Spendesk. They’ll be invited to sign in for the first time, and later will receive reminders about missing receipts and other necessary communications.

  • Bank account number: You can reimburse employees for out-of-pocket expenses directly from Spendesk. You need to provide their bank account details to make this transfer.

Human resources information systems (HRIS) collect, store, and make available employee information used by HR teams. HRIS data usually includes employee contact information, their salary, benefits, birth date, payroll structure, and more.

Note: Only a small amount of relevant employee data (explained above) is transferred in this Spendesk integration.

HRIS systems often also include a payroll system, an applicant tracking system for open job roles, and human capital management tools to help HR teams meet their goals.

If you’re new to Spendesk, we’ll set up the integration from the beginning. This makes your onboarding much quicker, as you avoid the time-consuming process of adding each employee individually.

If you’re already a Spendesk customer, it's a one click activation and you can ask your account manager to help if you need.

Integrate your HR system with Spendesk today

Talk to our team to activate your HR integration, and start saving time and energy immediately.