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Level up your travel expense management with TravelPerk & Spendesk

Combine leading travel management tools with your best-in-class spend management solution. Use a simple, streamlined workflow to book, pay, and process corporate travel spend. Get full visibility over travel expenses and all other company spend.  


Why integrate Spendesk & TravelPerk?

  • Save time with automation

    Update bookings and synchronize invoices with no data entry. Save time and ensure all spend data is correct. And you’ll never chase another receipt!

  • Optimize approval flows and internal controls

    Keep managers and finance in control of bookings and spend. Set one approval workflow for both platforms.

  • Enhance spend visibility

    Get per-trip breakdowns and export separate journal entries into your accounting tools. Stay on top of travel spend with no detective work.

How it works

1. Set your travel policy

Determine who can travel, their conditions, and who approves in TravelPerk. Every step of each trip is safe and controlled, without creating extra work for finance teams.

2. Book with TravelPerk

Employees choose from the world’s largest inventory of flights, trains, taxis, and accommodation. All within clear rules and limits based on company policy.

3. Pay with Spendesk

Create a Spendesk card to pay for all corporate travel. All payments and supporting documents (including invoices and receipts) are pushed to Spendesk, so you have a complete audit trail.

4. Review & export to accounting tools

Centralize all travel spending in Spendesk, split by trip, team, and cost center. Automate your pre-accounting work with auto-categorized payments and receipt collection. Sync data directly with integrated platforms like Xero and Netsuite, or export an XML or CSV file for an easy upload.

Elevate your corporate travel management


A complete spend management platform that gives 100% visibility into company spend.

Get a 7-in-1 solution that includes corporate cards, invoice payments, expense reimbursements, budgets, approval, reporting, compliance, and pre-accounting.

Every cent spent on business travel is controlled and accounted for, with no hassle.

All in one simple, scalable tool.


Everything business travel - packed in one place. Optimize travel policies and control employee travel spend remotely.

Give teams the freedom to book with the world’s largest travel inventory of flights, trains, taxis and accommodation. You get the comfort of not dealing with payments or invoices.

Employees choose, while you set the rules. Get more efficient, enjoyable corporate travel.

Ready to integrate Spendesk & TravelPerk for smarter business travel?

Setting up is easy; we’d love to show you how. Get in touch with our team.