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Easy expense management in Xero

Instantly send expenses to Xero for effortless bookkeeping.


Integrated spend management in Xero

Keep your books up to date with a clear audit trail, no matter how you spend.

  • Smart debit cards

    Spendesk virtual and physical debit cards are linked to a single user with predefined team budgets. You always know who spends, where, and what for, without having to chase them. And there's no need for expense reports!

  • Automated expenses

    Employees submit expense claims digitally through the mobile app. Finance teams receive all important information instantly - including receipts - and can reimburse employees immediately from Spendesk.

  • Better invoice processing

    Upload, approve, and process invoices for payment all from one dashboard. Eliminate data entry for managers, controllers, and accountants, and stop the endless back and forth that comes with supplier invoices.

Business purchasing card benefits

  • Two-way data syncing

    Any expense data updated in Spendesk is also automatically updated in Xero. And vice versa!

  • Receipt and invoice capture

    Finance and accounting teams can see all spending as it happens.

  • Pre-categorized payments

    Automatically assign expense accounts and ledger codes in Spendesk, to match the same elements in Xero.

  • Automatic accounting updates

    When teammates make purchases with Spendesk, their payments are automatically pushed to Xero. No more tedious end-of-month imports!

  • Bills with statements

    Every Spendesk card payment is pushed to Xero as a bill with statement. Which means your reconciliation work is already done!

  • Error-free spend data

    Manual data entry always leads to lots of human error. Our smart bot Marvin reads receipts and invoices to ensure your data is spot on.

Full suite: from approvals to accounting

Expenses as a block in your full stack

Spendesk gives you tools to manage every step of the spending process. Set budgets, track payments, store receipts, and monitor cash flow. All of this is simple, intuitive, and integrates directly with Xero.

Collaborative tools for distributed teams

Whether your accounting team in in-house or external, you need tools that let you work with anyone, from anywhere. Spendesk - like Xero - is cloud-based, so you can manage the books however you need to.

Our customers get results

  • 95%

    of customers say Spendesk makes them more efficient and collaborative.

  • 4 days

    saved by finance teams on average each and every month with Spendesk.

  • 84%

    of customers feel more confident about where money is being spent.

*Based on a 2019 survey of Spendesk customers.
We’re in control of the money, and the money is the key to everything. It’s the heart of any business. We’ve got to spend it - that’s for sure. But we’ve got to spend it wisely.

Géraldine E AdjadjAccounting Manager, Botify

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