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Expense tracking software for businesses of all sizes

Digitize your business expense reports, automate employee receipt capture, and quickly export all relevant data to the accounting software of your choice. Spendesk makes it fast and easy to track all business expenses in real time.


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Seven key challenges.
One solution.

Track and record all company expenses

Fully digitize your expense capture process

Quit dealing with paper receipts and images that must be manually reviewed and categorized prior to reimbursement. Spendesk expense tracking and automation tools make it easy to quickly capture and approve expenses incurred while employees are in the field.

Streamline all employee spend

Utilize a variety of tools to get all your employees on the same page with company spend. Issue corporate credit cards with preapproved spending rules. Create simple-to-follow workflows for receipt capture when workers need to use personal cards for business expenses.

See and approve expenses in real time

Knowing how your money is spent is critical to the expense management process. Spendesk’s all-in-one expense tracking tools will give you a clear window into organizational cash flow, so business owners and finance teams can track business expenses and make informed budgeting decisions.

Intuitive expense tracking

Keeping track of funds spent in the field is essential for accounting and project management purposes, but using a clunky expense tracker can stall productivity while teams try to report their spend. Spendesk solves this with a user-friendly expense tracking app that makes receipt scanning simple and easy. The entire process can be handled in seconds, and uploaded scans are immediately visible inside the Spendesk platform for instant approval.

Made for mobile teams

Teams in the field won’t have time to manage spreadsheets or balance bank accounts while in transit from one location to another. That’s why Spendesk is equipped with a variety of tools to maintain spend visibility on the road. Controllers and finance teams in the home office can see billable expenses as they are reported through the Spendesk mobile app. It’s also possible to issue both virtual and physical credit cards with preassigned spending rules to ensure that all travel spend aligns with company guidelines.


Automated approval processes

No matter whether you’re a small business or a corporate enterprise, automation tools can help you streamline tedious processes and reduce manual workloads. Expense tracking is no different. With Spendesk, employees will be regularly reminded to submit receipts for every expense. The platform’s onboard OCR will automatically read, match, and categorize receipts so that reimbursement is fast, easy, and instantaneous.

Scalable and modular expense tracking systems

Need to track expenses across multiple teams? Working with self-employed freelancers or third-party contractors? Spendesk expense tracking tools make it easy to monitor and pay out any expenses accrued for temporary workers. Simply have them install the Spendesk app (iOS/Android) onto their mobile device to access tools for fast reporting and reimbursement.

Built-in mileage tracking

Expense tracking is about more than one-off purchases while on the road. With Spendesk, you can keep track of all accrued expenses in the field, including mileage accrued on personal vehicles. Calculate mileage automatically, set reimbursement rates, and had employees submit expense reports automatically with just a few taps.


Spendesk is one of the tools that will allow us to scale. We can add people, new expenses, and expense volume, without adding anything to the back-office because it’s that far automated.
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Expense tracking software FAQ

We’ve answered the most common questions about expense tracking and the Spendesk mobile app.

Every business, from self-employed freelancers to major corporations should be tracking any expenses accrued for business purposes. Especially for smaller businesses, these expenses are valuable tax deductions that can save tens of thousands of dollars annually. The problem for many companies is that expense tracking can be a tedious process. Receipts need to be matched and reimbursements need to be paid (where appropriate). Expense management software like Spendesk provides functionality to help you optimize this process so that you can recoup lost time and still reap the benefits of properly tracked expenses.

To learn more about Spendesk, including pricing details, speak with one of our experts.

While other expense tracking apps exist (Zoho Expense, Expensify, Concur, etc.), many only offer limited functionality or lack the automation tools that Spendesk provides. This is especially true outside of the enterprise level, where expense tracker apps have robust functionality but are tied to expenses payment plans and are linked to CRM, ERP, or SAP systems that are far too expensive for small businesses. Spendesk is one of the best expense tracking software tools because it scales to the size of your business with features that fit your unique use case.

Yes! Spendesk offers native integrations for Xero, Sage, and Quickbooks Online. We also offer manual CSV importing and exporting for streamlined compatibility with non-native apps, so you can easily export your monthly spend to the accounting tools of your choice.

With Spendesk, employees in the field will use the Spendesk mobile app to scan and submit receipts to the Spendesk platform. The onboard OCR will assist with reading and categorizing receipts so that they can be matched to outstanding charges (triggered when using a Spendesk-issued physical or virtual card). Once the expense has been submitted, it can be approved manually or automatically, depending on how you’ve configured your platform.

The Spendesk app is available on the Apple App Store (iOS) and Google Play (Android), and it’s included for free with your Spendesk account.

You’ll also use the app for receipt capture and expense tracking if you don’t have a corporate card attached to your Spendesk account.

Streamline expense and budgets tracking with Spendesk

Keeping track of business expenses has never been easier.