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QuickBooks Integration

Spendesk synchronizes directly to your QuickBooks account, letting you close month-end with just one click. Capture over 95% of receipts on time and automate your general ledger coding.


Spendesk & QuickBooks

Discover the ideal combination for your finance team

  • Fast closing

    Put an end to the tedious task of exporting data manually. Instead, close your books in no time thanks to the native integration.

  • Real-time visibility

    Export data to QuickBooks whenever it suits, and get a detailed overview of company spend at all times.

  • Seamless automation

    Automate your GL coding, pre-categorize your payments, and capture over 95% of receipts in Spendesk!

Key tools for QuickBooks expense management

  • Two-way data syncing

    Any expense data updated in Spendesk is also automatically updated in QuickBooks. And vice versa!

  • Receipt capture

    Scan or snap receipts the moment you receive them. Send them to QuickBooks in bulk in a click.

  • Pre-categorized payments

    Automatically assign expense accounts and ledger codes in Spendesk, to match the same elements in QuickBooks.

  • Automatic accounting updates

    When teammates make purchases with Spendesk, their payments are automatically pushed to QuicBooks. No more tedious end-of-month imports!

  • Import all your payables

    Every card payment is pushed to QuickBooks as an expense and automatically reconciled with its payment. No manual work needed!

  • Error-free spend data

    Manual data entry can lead to human error. Our smart bot Marvin reads receipts to ensure your data is spot on.

We’re in control of the money, and the money is the key to everything. It’s the heart of any business. We’ve got to spend it - that’s for sure. But we’ve got to spend it wisely.

Géraldine E AdjadjAccounting Manager, Botify

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