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Spend control

Manage and control all company spending in one place. Track every pound, euro and dollar your company spends from purchase to ledger.


  • Reduce risk

    Control who spends with pre-payment approvals and unique virtual cards.

  • Set limits

    Set company spending policies by defining teams and individual thresholds.

  • Streamline approvals

    Decentralize spend control, define approval workflows, and keep complete visibility.

  • Keep ahead of excess spend

    Get access on real time insights and reports. Get one single source of truth.

Individual spending controls and approval thresholds

Set up individual spending limits and team approval workflows to put budget owners in control of every transaction.

Complete transaction history

See the company's purchase history with a full audit trail of requests, approvals, reviews, and exports.

Single-use virtual cards combined with control rules

Generate single-use, capped virtual cards for one-off purchases. These prevent internal and external fraud risk.

Real-time spend overview

View consolidated data for all team transaction, in real-time, with all important payment information. Control cash flow and anticipate upcoming supplier payments.

Control on physical cards

Limit Spendesk cards to be used on specific days, during certain time slots, and for precise types of spending.

Effortlessly improve spending habits

Improve spending habits by setting up additional post-payment rules to block users with too many unjustified payments.

Spend control impacts the whole team

Mandana Riche


Gabrièle de Lamaze Head of Customer Success @Plezi

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Product @Iziwork

Finance team

You have complete visibility over company spending, with a single source of truth via the Spendesk interface. Stay on top of company cash flow, and never get caught off-guard.


You’re notified instantly to approve your team’s spending, keeping you in control of your budget before it’s too late. Make informed decision for your team and the business.


Spend autonomously and remotely within defined spend limits. Say goodbye to email chains and verbal approvals, and spend within the thresholds set for you.

Switch now to smooth and secure offline spending