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The smartest company card

Equip your teams with virtual cards and physical cards connected to smart, trackable software. Trust your employees without compromising on control.


  • Monitor budgets

    Company cards with adjustable, pre-defined budgets. Managers can top up cards on request.

  • Customize control

    Equip your employees with cards with rules and built-in spending policies.

  • Boost efficiency

    Streamline offline spending with the combination of a card and a mobile app.

  • Track in real time

    Finance and accounting can see all spending as it happens during the month.

Take smart company cards everywhere you go

Upgrade from inflexible corporate credit with secure, customizable company cards. Set budgets and create rules around where and when to use them. Give every employee access to funds in a safe controlled environment. Easy to use, with no nasty surprises.

Use virtual cards for safer online spending

Trust your employees without compromising control. Create single-use cards for one-off purchases, or subscription cards for recurring spend. Every card has unique details, and every payment is connected to the user, so you always know who owns each payment.

Create subscription cards for recurring transactions

Juggling subscriptions is a constant challenge for finance teams. Manage online subscriptions and services with recurring cards that can be paused, updated, or cancelled at any time.

Manage cards from desktop or mobile

Team members can request top-ups from the mobile app, and managers can approve spending just as easily. Finance teams can track all company cards from a single dashboard, freeze cards or pause payments, and ensure that receipts are uploaded on time.

Collect receipts and track spend in real time

Spendesk cards show finance teams exactly what’s spent in real time, and let them make smart, timely decisions to optimize costs. And employees submit receipts automatically through the app, with more than 95% collected on time.

Set custom limits based on team or title

Every team member needs access to company funds, but they also need clear rules. Spendesk lets you set limits for all employees, plus custom rules for specific cases. And if the rules don’t fit, employees can request a top-up anytime, from anywhere.

Company cards that make everyone’s life easier

Martin Pannier Product @Iziwork

Gabrièle de Lamaze Head of Customer Success @Plezi

Aaron Townsend Financial Controller @ Habito


Most team members lack access to corporate credit cards. With Spendesk, every employee has access to cards. Assign physical cards to those who spend often, while other team members can create online payments to cover occasional costs.


Approving every team purchase is a painful, but necessary, process. Spendesk makes this a simple click, and gives managers all the details they need to see at just a glance. No more paper trails, and they have complete budget oversight at all times.

Finance & Accounting

Reconciling card payments is a constant nightmare for finance teams. Spendesk cards track approvals, payments, and receipts in one place, and finance teams can access these in real time. Closing the books each month can be as simple as a few clicks.

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