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Spend management software

Choose spend management software that gives you full control over company spending. Get real-time spend data, smart approval workflows, easier payments, and faster reconciliation.


Conquer company spend

  • Save time

    ​​​​Cut hours off the closing process and focus on more value-adding tasks.

  • Reduce risk

    Spot duplicate or suspicious payments automatically, and eliminate credit card fraud.

  • Collect receipts

    Collect 98% of expense receipts on time, without sending emails or chasing team members.

Get complete spend control

Disconnected processes lead to unclear overall spend. Instead, 7-in-one spend management software puts you in control of the entire company spending lifecycle.

Spend smoothly and safely

No more shared credit cards, and no complicated procurement workflows. Team members have safe, secure debit cards - both physical and virtual. Pre-approve amounts or require approval for every payment: you're in full control. Business expenses are a part of company growth. Work faster, better, and safer with spend management software.

Control budgets easily

Give every budget manager the tools they need to track team spending. Automatically assign transactions to the correct budget, with no need for complex spreadsheets. Employees can see their own spending, managers can track their teams, and finance can monitor the whole company - all within the same simple platform. The perfect tool to find cost savings and protect the bottom line.

Record spend approvals automatically

Monitoring payment approvals manually is difficult and time-consuming. Spend management software records the employee who spends and the manager who approves each payment instantly. You always know exactly who approved a payment without having to ask questions or do any detective work. It's all there to see in the software.

Do quick spend analysis

Conduct the spend analysis you need any time, without having to compile endless rows of data. Your spend is always ready to analyze, with no data entry or manipulation required. Avoid pulling together reports at the last minute. Use the dashboards built for you, or export all your spend data in a few clicks.

Eliminate maverick spend

Also known as "ghost spend," unidentified payments cause headaches for finance teams. Get full payment history including amount, supplier, and rationale, accessible anytime, from anywhere. Transaction information is stored digitally, securely, and automatically.

Stay ready for audit

Good spend data keeps you ready for audit. Automate data and receipt collection so you never have to play catch up. And the platform's functionality helps you spot errors, duplicates, and missing documents automatically.


Spendesk is one of the tools that will allow us to scale. We can add people, new expenses, and expense volume, without adding anything to the back-office because it’s that far automated. And it still keeps us in control of things.
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Spend management FAQs

View some of the most common questions and answers related to spend management software.

Great spend management systems remove the need for paper expense reports. Employees have access to better spending methods, and shouldn't need to pay out of pocket.

If an expense claim is required, employees can instantly claims within the software, and attach their receipt the moment they pay. This leads to more accurate expense management, a higher receipt collection rate, and faster expense reimbursements.

Spend management software makes bookkeeping and accounting far easier. Your accurate, up-to-date spend data is exported to a CSV, Excel, or XML file instantly, and then uploaded to your accounting software just as quickly.

Spendesk integrates natively with Xero and DATEV, and we'll build custom export files for any other accounting software or enterprise resource planning (ERP) tool you prefer.

Perhaps the single biggest benefit of spend management platforms is their impact on expense reconciliation and bookkeeping. Spendesk users save on average 4 days per month thanks to easier bookkeeping.

You'll have 98% of expense receipts submitted on time, automated account reconciliation, and no more maverick payments. All you have to do is validate payments, and export.

Spend management platforms are a great replacement for procurement software in many small businesses. If the number of invoices and suppliers is moderate, a spend management tool is more than enough. It also lets you have the same tool and process for sourcing, card payments, invoicing, accounts payable, and expense claims, which makes life simpler for everyone.

Companies managing large supply chain levels and countless purchase orders may prefer to keep their procurement process separate. But spend management systems are a perfect complement to manage ad hoc or operational spend alongside procurement.

Business spend management lets you consolidate what are currently separate processes. Instead of having credit cards, expense claims, invoices, and spend analysis tools, spend management is all of these together. Combining these streamlines your internal processes and saves everyone time.

And because these solutions were built for businesses, it's also easy to set up and intuitive to use. You're replacing a handful of poor processes with one that was actually built for purpose.

Both corporate credit cards and expense reports were designed as workarounds. Credit cards are hard to track and prone to fraud, and expense reports are slow and require lots of admin.

A spend management system replaces these two processes with smarter company cards, expense automation (to remove all data entry), and then adds invoice processing. Together, this means one simple process for employees, and far more control for finance teams.

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