Product Update: November 2019
Claire Boisseau

Published on December 2, 2019

SPENDESK-final (2)

We all wish our work life could be a little simpler, right? Well, that’s the theme of all our new features this month. From a one-click sign-in for Microsoft users to auto-cropping receipt pictures on mobile, here’s how Spendesk has become even easier in the past month.

What’s new at Spendesk?

A faster and more secure login with Microsoft and Google SSO (Single Sign-On)


Having to remember all your different passwords can be painful. Thanks to SSO technology, you can connect to different services and applications with a single sign-in.

Alongside Google SSO, we just added Microsoft SSO to let Microsoft users log in to Spendesk in one click! Not only is it practical - it’s also safer.

And on top of Spendesk for desktop, it’s also live on the mobile app for IOS (coming soon on Android)!

Simple, quick logins on every device. Don’t have the Spendesk mobile app yet? Download it now!

Virtual card conversions in every currency

Imagine your sales team needs to book train tickets from Shanghai to Beijing while your marketing team is hosting an event in New Zealand. Normally, dealing with payments in different currencies is a real drag.

But with Spendesk, no problem!

Your teams can easily request a virtual card in that specific currency to make bookings and payments online. No need to convert your account’s original currency to the exact amount asked by the merchant in China or New Zealand. Spendesk does it for you.

Here’s how it looks like for the sales team:


You can now reach our customer care reps through the mobile app

Intercom mobile

As part of our mission to help businesses spend smarter, we’re investing to provide helpful, expert service that’s as good as our software. We truly care about helping each of our customers and are happy to now be even more accessible through the mobile app.

So whether you’re on the go or prefer working from your phone, a Spendesk user care expert is just a few clicks away.

Clearer receipt capture on mobile

Snapping and saving e-receipts is great. But weird file sizes and wonky images can make things messy.

Now, every time you take a picture of your receipts through the Spendesk mobile app, your receipts are automatically cropped. These crystal clear receipts may lead to a few more hugs from your busy accountants.

Small tip: When taking a picture of your receipt, use a dark background so the technology can recognize the contrast and the edges of the receipt. To edit, you can adjust the cropping yourself and pinpoint the angles with the tip of your fingers.

Here’s how it looks:


Customer Spotlight: onboarding with Club Identicar

image1-1The Identicar team ready for training breakfast.

Club Identicar recently adopted Spendesk to transform the way they manage their business spending. Before Spendesk, they used to combine paper expense claims and a handful of corporate credit cards. This process was far from ideal, so they adopted Spendesk for its virtual cards, physical cards and expense claims module.

In November, they officially deployed Spendesk to all their employees and organized a breakfast with the Spendesk team to celebrate. During the training breakfast, the employees could test virtual cards on a touchscreen and use the tool by doing mock expenses. Best practices and a charter of use were shared by the finance team to onboard employees smoothly on their new business spend tool.

Now with Spendesk, employees can do their expense reports in a few clicks with the mobile app, use recurring cards to pay for marketing subscriptions and digital campaigns, and employees in the field can use physical cards connected to the platform in real-time.

image5Spendesk rules and best practices for Club Identicar team.

About Club Identicar

Club Identicar is a French company, founded in 1982, with around 220 employees in France. It offers additional car insurance as well as mobility-related services. The company is always looking for innovative internal processes.

See you next month!