Inside Spendesk: April 2019 Update
Tim Whitehead

Published on May 3, 2019


It's been another huge month at Spendesk.

We shipped three major product enhancements that help businesses spend smarter. We welcomed nine new hires to the team, bringing us to 94 people made up of 13 different nationalities.

And in-between all of this, we spent three days working remotely from Marbella in Spain for the biannual Spendesk offsite. Phew!

Here's a quick recap on what happened in April at Spendesk, plus the inside word on Growthletter, the hottest newsletter in tech.

Helping businesses spend smarter


Every business has different needs when it comes to spending.

That’s why we’ve built our platform to be flexible enough to cater to a range different use cases. This month, we’ve added an entirely new payment module (invoices) along with two major platform features. Let's break it down more.

Invoice Management

SMEs process an average of 100 invoices every single month.

That adds up to a lot of time spent managing accounts payable, made up of manual data entry, multiple systems and no visibility on payments.

The new Spendesk Invoice Management tool lets businesses upload, approve and pay invoices in one place, giving finance teams clear visibility over accounts payable and saving countless hours across the business.


All finance teams know the pain of manually classifying company expenses into the right expense accounts at the end of the month when reconciling the books.

That's why we've launched Autocat (short for auto-categorization, as you might have guessed), which automates the process of expense classification.

We've set up hundreds of rules which cover the vast majority of typical business expenses, and you can also set up custom rules where needed (for example, based around specific suppliers). It all adds up to over a day saved per month for most finance teams.

Expense Management & Mileage

Sometimes, employees have to pay for business expenses with their own money. When this happens, organising reimbursement is typically a long and drawn-out process for everyone involved.

The Spendesk Expense Management tool means that expense claims can be made in real time in just a few seconds, as soon as the expense occurs.

And this month, our expense module got an exciting facelift with the ability to automatically track mileage through the Spendesk app.

Introducing: Growthletter

Spendesk Growthletter

The Spendesk Growth team is made up of technical marketing gurus and software engineers who are product oriented and inspired by design.

The Growthletter is their weekly newsletter (currently in French only) covering the latest trends in growth marketing, including tools, profiles of leading growth marketers, jobs and more.

It's already been covered in Presse-citron and is adding 500 new members a week. Subscribe here to keep your finger on the pulse!

What happens in Marbella...

spendesk offsite marbella

... Builds friendships for life. That's how the saying goes, right?

If in doubt, just ask any of the 94 Spendeskers who made the trip to Spain for our semi-annual company offsite, organised by our incredible office management team.

Sunshine, swimming pools and the sea provided the perfect backdrop to host a series of strategy workshops, team building exercises and some memorable nights out.

Highlights included the 'slightly more challenging than expected' canyoning session, the podcasting workshop and 'pitch-off', and the thousands of memories made.

Our CEO Rodolphe summed it up best; "I had a lot of fun during these three days and came home super excited about what we're going to achieve together. I'm truly confident about our ability to grow while holding on to what makes us so special: a team of people that get along so well together, deeply caring about and trusting each other."

Sales Associate Program: Intercom x Spendesk

sales associate program 1

At Spendesk, we're always looking to learn from the best. That's why we were so excited to welcome Stan Massueras, Sales Director for EMEA & Jonathan Chemouny, Relationship Manager from Intercom to present to our team as part of our Sales Associate Program.

Our sales teams learned about the key attributes managers look for in modern sales people (hint: curious, passionate people, side-projects are a great bonus!), and how to approach consultative B2B sales in fast-growing, and fast-evolving tech businesses.

Thanks again to Stan and Jonathan for sharing your wisdom!

Check out our open positions

We welcomed nine new hires to the Spendesk team in April, and we're not stopping there.

We're always on the lookout for great talent, including customer success gurus, sales superstars, product managers and banking interns.

Check out our jobs page on Welcome to the Jungle to browse our current openings and apply today. That's it from us, we'll check back in next month!