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Need an alternative to Payhawk?

Want to automate your expense management? Spendesk combines virtual and physical cards with digital invoice management, paperless travel and expense management, and automated accounting.


The 7-in-1 difference

  • 4x Faster

    month-end close

  • 100% Visibility

    on all company spend

  • $0 Set-up Cost

    no hidden fees

  • > 95% Receipts

    captured on time

  • Unlimited Cards

    virtual and physical

All company spending in one place

Spendesk combines virtual and physical debit cards with digital invoice management, paperless expenses & automated accounting.

  • Approval and policies
  • Team budgets
  • Invoice payment
  • Expense tracking
  • Virtual & physical cards
  • Spending reports
  • Pre-accounting automation

Virtual cards for secure online payments

Employees can use virtual cards to pay securely and autonomously online, including for travel, accommodation, and office goods. Mastercard's virtual debit cards are an ideal alternative to corporate credit cards, where cards and data are often shared by multiple employees. Recurring virtual cards are also perfect for software subscriptions and services. They reduce the risk of internal and external fraud, you can update details and change cardholders any time, and you'll never have "ghost spend" again.

Physical debit cards with built-in spending policies

The days when employees needed expense advances or shared company cards are over. With Spendesk, every employee gets their own Mastercard debit card for payments on the go, allowing them to pay autonomously and securely. Managers & finance teams can set individual time slots, days of the week, and spend categories or limits for each employee, ensuring all rules are followed. The function to withdraw cash from ATMs can be activated and deactivated with one click.

Paperless expense claims

If employees forget their card, or card payments are not accepted, they can create a digital expense report in a snap. They simply photograph their receipt and submit it with one click via the Spendesk mobile app. Thanks to automated receipt capture with OCR technology, all important information is extracted. And Spendesk lets you reimburse employees directly from the platform! And a big advantage for CFOs, finance teams & accounting: All expense reports can be viewed from anywhere at any time, in real time.

Digital invoice management software

Spendesk centralizes purchase orders and invoices, and links employee requests to team budgets. This lets managers and budget managers check that an expense fits into the budget before approving it. Instead of managing expenses in various Excel spreadsheets, Spendesk gives you a real-time overview of all employee expenses.

Automated accounting

Spendesk automates pre-accounting by reading VAT and allocating GL accounts and receipts, saving finance teams an average of 2-3 days in month-end closing. Thanks to native integrations and customizable exports, data from Spendesk can be exported directly to the accounting system of your choice.


When you’re a fast-scaling company, lots of people have requests, lots of people need funds, lots of people need to expense or need to spend. Suddenly, you lose efficiency, you lose control, and you have a lack of visibility. Spendesk keeps us in control of things.


Tom Libbrecht, Finance Manager, Silverfin


See the most frequently asked questions about Spendesk & Payhawk.

Spendesk is the first complete spend management solution with an end-to-end process that gives finance teams full visibility and control over all corporate spend. This includes online payments, expenses, purchase orders, invoices and card payments. Spendesk replaces corporate cards, often shared by multiple employees, with secure Mastercard virtual and physical debit cards.

Spendesk software is primarily for startups, scaleups, and small and medium-sized businesses. It combines secure payment methods with digital invoice management, automated accounting and offers integrations with Xero and other accounting systems.

Spendesk debit cards are protected against fraud by Mastercard's "Zero Liability Protection." You can rest assured that this liability protection applies to your in-store purchases, online e-commerce or mobile device payments, and all ATM transactions. For more information, see the Secutiry section of the MasterCard website.

Spendesk is available for companies in the European Economic Area (including Germany, France, United Kingdom, Spain, Norway, Sweden, Denmark) and in the United States.

Users can create their wallets with currencies in Euro (€), US Dollar ($), Pound (£), Danish Krone (DKK), Norwegian Krone (NOK) and Swedish Krona (SEK).

Spendesk is headquartered in Paris and also has offices in Berlin, London and San Francisco.

Yes, the Spendesk app for Android & iOS can be downloaded free of charge from the Apple Store and Google Play. Employees can use the app to submit their expense receipts for reimbursement totally digitally. The app has a system for automated receipt capture: the information is read using OCR technology. Manual expense reports in Excel spreadsheets are no longer necessary.

Yes! You can reach our customer service by e-mail ( There you can make an appointment to speak with one of our team members on the phone. Our staff in Berlin, Paris and London, and San Francisco will be happy to help you.

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Last updated: 23 August 2021