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How Echo upgraded its whole spending structure with Spendesk


Connie Cha, Finance Director

800%increased ARR

80%Time saved per month

60%Spend made via subscriptions


Echo is a digital pharmacy which provides registered NHS services to customers in the United Kingdom. Patients request prescriptions through the mobile app, their GPs approve, and medicine is delivered via the Royal Mail.


London, United Kingdom



Company size


Key challenges

  • Different spending processes causing undue admin
  • Time consuming international payment run via banking partner
  • Tracking subscription payments made with credit cards
  • Slow month-end reconciliation
  • New difficulties with Covid-19


  • One spend management solution for all key expenditure
  • Subscription payments made with virtual credit cards
  • A native Xero integration for easier accounting
  • From-home allowances using tracked Spendesk cards

Key results

  • Much faster end-of-month reconciliation
  • Easy subscription management
  • Better financial reports and budgeting
  • Managers who know where their money is going
  • Tailored expense approval flow
  • A smooth partnership with Spendesk