Product Update: Q1 2021 News
Emma Arpagian

Published on April 28, 2021


The first quarter of 2021 is now over… what happened on the side of Spendesk?

We didn’t block a canal with a cargo ship, and we also haven’t developed a new vaccine. But we have launched a couple of things which will definitely make Finance teams’ lives easier while using Spendesk:

  1. More flexible approval policies for teams

  2. The full Spendesk platform in German

  3. Testimonial with Moneybox: learn why signing up at an early stage definitely pays off later

Also, we have big announcements in the words for later in the year. Stay tuned!

Approval policies: one size may NOT fit all

Depending on your use cases or even the company’s structure, approval policies for spending are often different. Therefore they need to be adaptable, based on your user profile and means of payment.

For instance, you can now add new parameters for employees and external contractors spending for the company, while executives and senior managers can be automatically approved. You might also choose to limit specific types of payment, no matter who uses them.

Set up different options available in your approval policy settings:

  • “Always”: all spending has to be approved by default

  • “Never”: no spending requires advance approval

  • “Sometimes”: your policy pre-approves a maximum amount per transaction and a maximum amount per month. This is also adjustable to the means of payment. 

Once it’s done, you simply have to select the team members to whom this policy applies.

Approval flows on mobile

To make Approvers and Budget Managers’ lives easier, we also upgraded the spend approvals in the mobile app.

From now on, you have a clear view over pending requests and transaction details, all in the same tab.

Approvers can still accept or reject any request in a click, directly from their mobile phone.

Sprechen Sie Deutsch?

Spendesk is now available in German! Last year we opened an office in Berlin and our website has been available in German for a while, so it was essential to set up our tool in German as well.

On your computer, you can change the language in your settings by visiting My Profile > Languages. And in the mobile app, the language is set up according to your phone’s general settings.

Customer testimonials:

How Spendesk helps Moneybox save money while growing fast

Cerrith More (CFO) is convinced that without a spend management tool like Spendesk, he would have had to employ someone dedicated to procurement, workflow management, and spending management. Which would have been a real hit in terms of time and money.

Read the full story

Last but not least… Bookkeep 2.0 is on its way!

All Spendesk users will soon have a brand new accounting interface allowing:

  • Accrual accounting and third-party accounts for all spending managed on Spendesk

  • Break down an expense across several expense accounts (as opposed to only one today)

  • Set up multiple reverse charge accounts in the Settings > Accounting tab

  • Charge third party accounts on card purchases (virtual or physical)

  • More flexible VAT settings (including multiple reverse charge rates)

  • Auto-categorization rules for suppliers paid by invoice

    Time to get excited!