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We’re here to bring new business, champion our customers, and make the Spendesk brand shine. We mix strategy, analysis, and a lot of creativity to get our message out.

Our team operating principles

  • Iteration over perfection

    Ship fast, ship small, and be open to failure for the sake of learning.

  • Debate then commit

    Share openly, question respectfully, and once a decision is made, commit fully.

  • Begin with a goal

    Ensure every project starts with data, insights, and clear impact in mind.

  • Play for (and with) the team

    Put collective success before individual achievements, and always make time to celebrate wins.

  • Communicate with all the Cs

    Be clear, courteous, concise, and concrete.

A word from our Head of Marketing

Our international team of marketing mavens are responsible for crafting the Spendesk story, driving user acquisition, and amplifying the voice of our customers in everything we do. Most importantly, we have a lot of fun while doing it! If you're up for an ambitious challenge, join us!

Stephanie Bowker, Head of Marketing @Spendesk

A few of our exciting projects

CFO Connect

Our global community for finance leaders. We host live meetups, webinars, a podcast, and a range of other high-value content for members.

Visit the website

Pina Colada campaign

This large rebranding and repackaging project involved the entire team. We conducted user research, created videos, and wrote lots of content.

Read the blog article

Spendesk hero video

To show Spendesk in action and celebrate our users, we created this fun, action-packed video. It highlights just how useful Spendesk can be.

Watch the video

One tribe with four squads

The amplifiers

We use content, events, and press to help more people find Spendesk.

Our missions:

  1. Host events & nurture our community

  2. Prove our expertise as thought leaders

  3. Tell stories that resonate with finance teams

  4. Bring new traffic to our websites

The customer voice

We're our customers' biggest advocates, both inside & outside of Spendesk.

Our missions:

  1. Build the best-in-class customer experience

  2. Deliver training & enrich the user experience

  3. Celebrate our users & create new evangelists

  4. Create enablement assets for Sales & CS

The lead generators

We help new users find Spendesk, and create the perfect buyer journey.

Our missions:

  1. Attract new Spendesk users at scale

  2. Communicate Spendesk’s value clearly & succinctly

  3. Meet potential buyers with the right messaging

  4. Work closely with Sales to build the Allbound strategy

The creative gurus

We are the guardians of the Spendesk brand, from the logo to billboards.

Our missions:

  1. Make our brand shine in all forms of media

  2. Ensure precise use of our brand and visual style

  3. Showcase Spendesk as both premium & easy to use

  4. Support all Spendesk teams in their design needs

Meet our international team

We’re proud to have team members from all over the world. 
Here’s why they love being part of the team.

This team truly is very international. We get to compare cultures and backgrounds with people from all over the world. And the people in this team are exceptionally kind.

Benjamin Romberg 🇩🇪

Communications Lead

I really appreciate the supportive environment. It gives me the confidence to take on challenges and innovate.

Alejandra Buentello 🇺🇸

Community Manager

I joined Spendesk as an intern for three months, and am so happy to be a full time team member. The Marketing team is just amazing!

Ayoub El Guendouz 🇫🇷

Front-end Developer

I’m from the other side of the world, but I feel completely at home in the Marketing team and at Spendesk. I couldn’t imagine doing this anywhere else.

Patrick Whatman 🇳🇿

Head of Content

I joined Spendesk during my internship and never left. I'm mainly in charge of the web design of our websites, and get to test and try new things constantly.

Laurent Ndong 🇫🇷

Brand Designer

Who we are

We're collaborative

It takes a village to raise a child, and a tribe to build a world-class marketing program. We’re excited and motivated to work together, knowing that the best projects are the result of our collective ideas.

We're open-minded

We never quite know what the next big marketing challenge will be. We're ready to give it our all, experiment, learn, and keep raising the bar project after project.

We're owners

We play as a team, but we each own our scope. We manage our workloads individually, while collaborating often to make sure we're all rowing in the same direction.

We're goal oriented

Every project starts with a clear purpose and a desired outcome. We love trying and testing new things, and need to know how we can measure success along the way.

Our open positions

Join the Marketing team!

Head of Brand & Communications

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Paid Media Manager

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