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About Spendesk

Our journey so far


Aug. 2016

Founded by Rodolphe, Jordane 
& Guilhem at eFounders


Feb. 2017

Raised €2M in Seed funding


Jan. 2018

Launched CFO Connect


Jan. 2018

Raised €8M Series A


Oct. 2018

Expanded CFO Connect to UK & Germany


Nov. 2018

Moved offices as the team tripled in size


Sep 2019

Raised €35 million Series B to help businesses everywhere spend smarter

It’s time to change the way we pay at work

The way businesses pay is broken. In our personal lives, we can pay for things securely and simply in just a few clicks. At work it’s a different story. Unclear spending policies, archaic approval processes and manual expense reports mean businesses waste countless hours every month managing simple transactions. Not to mention the time spent chasing missing invoices, collecting paper receipts and classifying payments to keep the accountants happy.

At Spendesk, we believe that business spending can be beautifully easy, so we built an all-in-one solution to help manage every part of the spending process. With physical and virtual cards, smart approval workflows, automated expense reports and accounting software integrations, Spendesk optimises the entire business spending process. Employees are empowered to pay for what they need, while management and finance teams stay in control. Founded in Paris in 2016 by Rodolphe Ardant, Jordane Guily and Guilhem Bellion, Spendesk now helps over 40,000 end-users at growing businesses to spend smarter.

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