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Effortless spend management for remote teams

Give employees the freedom they need, & get real-time visibility over spending, no matter where or how it occurs.


Who needs smarter spending?

Spendesk makes life easier for the whole company. From employees to CEOs, every team member benefits.

  • Financial Controllers

    Have complete control and visibility over spending. Get accurate data, monitor approvals, and collect every proof of purchase.

  • CFOs & Finance Managers

    Track all discretionary spending in one place, and receive up-to-date transaction information. Free your finance team to do more important work than chasing receipts.

  • Budget Managers

    Track budgets easily, and set sensible spending limits for your team members. Approve spending digitally, without the usual messy email trail.

Essential tools in a remote-friendly world

Quick to set up for unexpected circumstances

Many businesses have found themselves fully remote all of a sudden. Luckily, Spendesk is fast to set up and users are onboarded from anywhere. You’ll have full control over spending in no time.

Robust processes to prepare you for the future

Good spend management is always an asset. Build finance processes and create healthy habits that will help you scale in years to come - whether remote or not.

Payment methods designed for distributed teams

  • Centralized control

    Finance teams can see who spends what, where, and why. Keep complete control over every transaction, without endless communication and complex processes. Spendesk provides simple workflows that keep employees on-policy, and finance teams in control.

  • Secure expense cards

    Employees can spend on- and offline with their own Spendesk Mastercards. Physical expense cards let them purchase in-store and on the road, while virtual cards make online spending safer than ever. Whichever method they use, every transaction is tracked.

  • Automated expense reporting

    For rare occasions without a Spendesk card, employees can request reimbursement directly through the Spendesk app. Every detail is recorded, and receipts are uploaded in a snap. Once approved, employees can be reimbursed by wire transfer through Spendesk.

  • Asynchronous communication

    In-person communication can slow remote teams down. With Spendesk, finance teams don’t have to wait until month-end closing to see what’s been spent. Employees can check the status of requests at any time, and all parties know what’s required of them next.

Our customers get results

  • 95%

    of customers say Spendesk makes them more efficient and collaborative.

  • 4 days

    saved by finance teams on average each and every month with Spendesk.

  • 84%

    of customers feel more confident about where money is being spent.

*Based on a 2020 survey of Spendesk customers
People can just spend as they go and capture a picture with the app. They don’t need to ask for approval for any small expenses. We have a trusted budget that they can spend. So on a daily basis, both in terms of efficiency and freedom and trust, we’ve been able to take a really big step forward.

Tom Libbrecht Finance Manager, Silverfin

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