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Happy spendesk customer

Why Moneybox doesn’t chase team members for receipts anymore

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Cerrito morre - monyebox Cerrito morre - monyebox

Cerrith Moore, Head of Finance

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200 employees

7.5 hours saved per month

98% of receipts collected

46 subscriptions managed


Moneybox is an award-winning app which helps everyone save and invest for their future by making it easy for people to get started, and providing the tools and information they need to confidently work towards their financial goals.


London, England


Savings & investments

Key challenges

  • Hard-to-manage company credit cards
  • Unclear approvals for credit card purchases
  • Lack of control over receipts
  • No real visibility over spending
  • Fast growth, with processes that wouldn’t scale


  • Employee debit cards to replace company cards
  • Expense reimbursements directly from Spendesk
  • Spend processes that employees control - not finance
  • Automated software subscriptions

Key results

  • Clear approval workflows for all spending
  • Finance team free from chasing receipts
  • Full visibility and control over company spending
  • Payments and reimbursements in a click
  • Time and money saved on expenses

What our customers say

“From a control point of view, it’s a lot better. Disposable virtual cards are great. And the subscription cards are really good from a visibility point of view. When we sit down with the different department heads, it’s now so easy to point out tools they don’t need anymore.”

Aaron Townsend (1)

Financial Controller at Habito

Aaron Townsend - Finance controller at Habito - Spendesk customer

Accounting integrations

Sync Spendesk with your favorite accounting tools and export expense data in just a few clicks whenever you need it.

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