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Company debit cards

Business debit cards help you streamline expenses, avoid unnecessary interest, and make payments easily.


Choose company debit cards for smarter spending

  • Streamline expenses

    Track and keep all of your spending in one place.

  • Avoid interest

    Only pay what you have. Avoid the typical credit card fees & interest.

  • Get real-time insights

    Unlike cash or invoices, debit cards show finance teams what's spent, when it's spent.

Company cards as part of a complete spend management strategy

  • Approval and policies
  • Team budgets
  • Invoice payment
  • Expense tracking
  • Virtual & physical cards
  • Spending reports
  • Pre-accounting automation

Track payments in real time

Modern debit cards show you what’s been spent, the moment it’s spent. Unlike traditional corporate cards, you don’t have to wade through the card statement every month. Your debit card payments come itemized and laid out in one central dashboard.

Set corporate card rules

Team leads and managers can set specific rules for their squads, or finance can set company-wide policies. Every debit card can have its own limits and restrictions, and these can be updated any moment in seconds. This gives employees the confidence that they're following the rules, without referring to long expense policy guides.

Stick to budgets

Choose debit cards with built-in budgets for teams. Every team member knows how much they can spend, and every payment is assigned the correct project code. Which makes both budget management and company accounting simple.

Get cards for every employee

Giving debit cards with spending controls to your employees is critical to streamline your processes and empower your workers. Provide your employees with physical cards and forget about expense reimbursements or out-of-pocket payments.

Sync company debit cards with your accounting tools

Close the books in minutes, not days. Sync your spending activity in one place by directly integrating other tools and ERPs like Xero, Quickbooks, Freshbooks, Microsoft Dynamics, SAP, and Netsuite.


Everyone likes it, because they have full autonomy to spend what needs to be spent.


Aaron Townsend, Financial Controller at Habito

Company debit cards FAQs

View some of the most common questions and answers related to Spendesk company debit cards.

Debit cards are available on many of the networks you get corporate credit cards from, including American Express, Mastercard, Visa and more. You can sign up for a business checking or savings account and get a debit card right away.

We recommend Spendesk cards as they offer the right mix of employee freedom and company control. Employees can make fast, smart choices and do great work, while finance always has total visibility over what's spent.

Debit cards are perfect for small and medium-sized businesses that want to control their cash flow. Small business owners often mix their personal and business spending, leading to confusion and disorganization. Debit and prepaid cards can separate these expenses by providing separate account information to avoid overlap.

Fast-growing companies have even more to gain. Debit cards are a more scalable, flexible choice than classic credit cards. Businesses can scale up operations and teams quickly, safe in the knowledge that all spending is tracked accurately.

Applying for a business debit card is usually a straightforward process, and you can get a card as soon as some basic checks have been performed.

  • Choose the bank or provider you prefer. We recommend Spendesk.

  • Identify the plan that suits your business, including the number of cards you need and the team structure you prefer.

  • The provider will need some basic company information, including registration details and the names of owners and investors. This is a critical compliance check - if your provider does not require this, consider it a red flag.

  • Set up your account.

  • Receive and distribute the cards, and start spending!

Credit and debit cards work differently and are both viable options for businesses. Debit card withdrawals come directly from a business checking account, which will limit your liquid capital and ability to overspend. Credit cards work more like small lenders where the cardholder accrues interest.

Business debit cards are helpful if your company or employees tend to overspend to help encourage spending limits. Credit cards also have benefits, such as building business credit for business loans and increasing cash flow.

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Modern debit cards let you set team and individual limits yourself. Employees can also request approval ahead of time if they're expecting to make a large payment.

Because debit cards draw froma central fund, the ultimate limit is the amount on your wallet. As a business, you cannot spend more than you have available.

Choose the best company debit cards for growing businesses

Save precious time. Give freedom. Never lose receipts.