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Subscription management you control

Smooth subscription management for busy managers and finance teams. Manage recurring SaaS payments easily thanks to virtual cards and smart tracking software.


  • Approve requests in seconds

    Teams can request new tools in a few clicks. Once approved, finance still has the flexibility to pause the virtual card anytime.

  • Track payments centrally

    All cardholders are visible from one dashboard. Say goodbye to paying unused softwares and keep only the essentials.

  • Manage budgets & suppliers

    Get automatic notifications if there’s an increase on your subscription fee, and top up or cancel your virtual card accordingly.

  • Export to accounting tools

    Accounting data is pre-filled and accurate, and Spendesk integrates with your chosen accounting tools.

Create unique virtual card

Spendesk creates new card details for every subscription payment, so you can track, pause, or cancel them easily. You can even adjust limits and change cardholders without canceling subscriptions.

Manage subscriptions centrally

Every purchase made through Spendesk is visible in real time. See amounts committed and spot duplicates easily. Finance can set up rules and reminders for employees to submit their invoices on time. On average, Spendesk customers collect 98% of receipts.

Track approvals and receipts

Recurring payments are easy to lose track of. And they come with steps in the process that are easily missed. Every Spendesk payment and approval is logged, along with the receipt or invoice.

Make secure online payments

Your company card shouldn't be used on hundreds of websites. Create unique virtual card numbers for every subscription and stay safe from credit card fraud.

Change cardholders effortlessly

Offboarded employees can leave behind unseen and unmanaged subscriptions. With Spendesk, you see all payments in any employee's name, and can switch them to another cardholder without hassle - even if they've left the company.

Subscription management modern companies love

Tom Libbrecht

VP Finance @Silverfin

Gabrièle de Lamaze Head of Customer Success @Plezi

Martin Pannier

Product @Iziwork

Finance Teams

Get complete visibility and control over all ongoing SaaS payments. See past and future transactions, collect invoices, and export data to accounting tools instantly.


Own your team's budget without complex or tedious spreadsheets. Approve payments remotely, without sharing sensitive credit card details.


Create and manage software subscriptions in complete security without hassling managers. Pay for what you need quickly, and be confident that you're following the rules.

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