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Take control of your company's travel spending

Book work trips, track employee expenses on the road and automate expense reports.

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Travel spending benefits for the whole business


Dedicated payment methods

We provide specific payments for every type of spend that are assigned to a user and budget for easier tracking and reporting.


Defined spending policies

Learning the company travel policy is tough. With Spendesk, finance teams set approval and spending limits automatically, so employees don't have to worry.


No more expense reports

The Spendesk mobile app conveniently captures receipts to eliminate the need for a time-consuming expense report.

Invoice Processing

Your preferred vendors

Spendesk works for any travel booking, including sites like AirBnb, and SkyScanner, plus ground travel like Uber and Lyft.

Spendesk definitely makes travelling very easy. I don’t need to worry about spending my own money. I know that I already have a budget in place that I can spend from, and I don’t need to worry about when the company is going to pay me back.

Lola Oguntokun

Talent Acquisition Manager, Silverfin

Explore more ways to use Spendesk

Approval workflow to simply pay for invoices

Simplify accounts payable

Spendesk lets you pay invoices directly from the platform, alongside other company expenses. It’s easier and more reliable, and saves a lot of time!

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Effortless subscription management

Centralize subscription payments

Spendesk puts all your subscription payments in one easy place, so you always know what you’ve paid, and what’s going to be due soon.

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Switch to smart, 
trackable spending

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