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Last Updated: November, 2023

We use cookies or other tracers when you visit our website or use the Spendesk Solution that may be installed on your hardware (computer, tablet or mobile phone).

A cookie is a small non-executable text file, which is sent by our site or by third-party sites to your computer or your smartphone, and stored by your browser or your smartphone.

The deposit and recording of cookies can indirectly identify a user since they can detect the pages visited by a user on a site and remember their visit and profile. There are other tracking technologies that work in the same way as cookies, namely tracers, pixels and invisible gifs.

We use cookies which are essential for the use of the website; in particular, they allow you to access certain pages of our website or, for example, to store your login details. These cookies are necessary for the website or service to function and cannot be switched off in our systems.

We and our partners may also use cookies to analyse and measure traffic on our site, its use, the effectiveness of our campaigns, and cookies for the purposes of personalising the content or services displayed (real-time browsing personalisation, identification of browsing problems in order to offer assistance, etc.). The use of these cookies depends on your choice, which can be made and modified freely and at any time.

1. Cookies used on Spendesk’s website and for Spendesk Solution

a. Strictly necessary cookies

For the proper functioning of our website, we need to place technical cookies, which are essential for the use of the website or Spendesk Solution. They allow you to access certain pages of our website or, for example, to remember your username and password. These necessary cookies do not require your consent:

SourceType of cookiePurposeRetention period
SpendesklangRemembers the user's selected language version of a websiteSession
Spendesktracking-preferencesCookie preferences' storage12 months
SpendeskspendeskDeviceId ; SPX_DEVICE ; SPX_ACCESS_TOKEN ; SPX_REFRESH_TOKENUser authentication12 months
Spendeskspx_org_categoryUsed to optimize performances of the product1 month
Datadog__dd_sWebsite speed and performance recording in the context of statistics and load balancing4 hours
Fraud0f0_sid ; f0_uidDetection and prevention of fraudulent website traffic (bots)Session

On our website and on Spendesk Solution, we also use cookies that require your consent; these may be our own cookies and third-party cookies:

b. Analytics and marketing cookies

We use third-party analytics and marketing cookies, pixels and other tracking technologies to understand your use of the site and its features and to provide you with a more relevant browsing experience or to personalize the content of our website or Spendesk Solution:

SourceType of cookiePurposeRetention period
HubSpot__hsscIdentifies if the cookies data needs to be updated in the visitor's browser1 day
HubSpot__hssrcUsed to recognize the visitor's browser upon reentry on the websiteSession
HubSpot__hstc ; hubspotutkAllows the website to obtain data on visitor behaviour for statistical purposes1 year
Google Analytics_ga ; _ga_#Used to collect data on the number of times a user has visited the website as well as dates for the first and most recent visit2 years
Google Analytics_gat ; _gidUsed to generate statistical data on how the visitor uses the website1 day
Microsoft Clarity_clckUsed for advertising, site analytics, and other operations1 year
Microsoft Clarity_clskUsed to store a user's session ID and also verify the clicks from ads. The cookie helps in reporting and personalizationSession
Segmentajs_user_id ; ajs_anonymous_idIdentify a specific visitor and the number of specific visitors on a website1 year
Segmentajs_user_id ; ajs_anonymous_id ; ajs_user_traitsTracks visitorsPermanent (local storage)
Albacrosse.gifDistinguishes between different users coming from the same IP-addressSession
Google Adsense_gcl_auStores and tracks ad conversionsPermanent
Fullstoryfs_luaMonitoring and analysis of user behavior1 hour
Fullstoryfs_uidMonitoring and analysis of user behavior12 months

c. Functional cookies

We use functional cookies to monitor the performance of our site and to enhance your browsing experience, for example, these tools enable you to communicate with us via live chat:

SourceType of cookiePurposeRetention period
Intercomintercom-device-id-dqepe2lyUser behavior's monitoring and analysis and user support through messaging12 months
Intercomintercom-session-dqepe2lyUser behavior's monitoring and analysis7 days
Segmentajs_user_idUser behavior's monitoring and analysis2 hours
Segment ajs_anonymous_idUser behavior's monitoring and analysis12 months
Amplitude Experimentamp-exp-$default_instance-9FglOvKeep track of the experiments you viewed to persist them across multiple sessionsPermanent (local storage)

d. Targeting cookies

We use third-party targeting cookies to personalize and measure the effectiveness of advertising on our website and partner sites, based on the pages you visit:

SourceType of cookiePurposeRetention period
GoogleAPISID ; SAPISID ; SSIDPersonalized ads displaying and user information collection for videos hosted by Youtube13 months
GoogleHSIDPersonalized ads displaying and user information collection for videos hosted by Youtube1 month
GoogleCONSENT ; SOCSCookie consent preferences' storage11 months
GoogleNIDGoogle Ads6 months
GoogleSIDUser's behavior monitoring and analysis, security of Google user's account1 month
GoogleAECUser's behavior monitoring and analysis, security of Google user's account6 months
GoogleSIDCCUser's behavior monitoring and analysis12 months
Google__Secure-1PAPISID ; __Secure-3PSIDCC ; __Secure-3PSID ; __Secure-3PAPISID ; __Secure-1PSIDCC ; __Secure-1PSIDUser's behavior monitoring and analysis13 months
Google__Secure-ENIDFraudulent login attempts prevention, statistics and marketing purposes following a successful login 13 months
Google Doubleclicktest_cookieUsed to check that cookies can be set1 day
LinkedInAnalyticsSyncHistory ; UserMatchHistoryUser's behavior monitoring and analysis1 month
LinkedInbcookie ; bscookieUser's behavior monitoring and analysis12 month
LinkedInli_gcCookie consent preferences storage6 months
LinkedInli_sugrUser's behavior monitoring and analysis3 months
LinkedInlidc ; ln_orUser's behavior monitoring and analysis1 day
HubSpot__ptq.gif Collects data about the visitor's device and behaviourSession
Facebook_fbpDelivers a series of advertisement products such as real time bidding from third-party advertisers3 months
G2_session_idAllows the website to present relevant products and/or measure their advertisement efficiency on other websites13 days
Bing_uetsid ; _uetvidUsed to track visitors on multiple websites, in order to present relevant advertisement based on the visitor's preferences1 day ; 1 year
Bing_uetsid_exp ; _uetvid_expContains the expiry-date for the cookie with corresponding namePermanent (local storage)
Googleads/ga-audiencesRe-engage visitors that are likely to convert to customers based on the visitor's online behaviour across websitesSession

You are informed of the existence and installation of cookies via the information banner displayed on the homepage on the Spendesk’s website and/or on the mobile application. 

If you click on the "Deny" button, only technical cookies will be installed on your hardware. By clicking on "Accept", you give your consent to the processing of your personal data by Spendesk and its partners.  

You may at any time consult the list of cookies and exercise your rights (acceptance or refusal of all or part of the cookies) (i) via that banner by clicking on "Personalize" or (ii) via the link "Cookie settings" appearing on each page of our website or (iii) on your user space, by going to the "Legals" page via the drop-down menu accessible throughout the navigation.

Important: If you block or subsequently delete strictly necessary cookies, some aspects of our website may not work properly and you may not be able to access all or part of our website.

You can also configure your browser to accept or refuse all or part of the cookies. For more information, please follow the link for your browser:

3. Data Subject Rights

In accordance with the Data Protection Regulations, you have the right to access, to rectify, to limit, to erase, to object and to portability of the Personal Data concerning you. You can also submit your instructions regarding management of your Personal Data after your death.

If you have any questions or comments about the way we use cookies, you can contact Spendesk Data Protection Officer:

Regarding third-party cookies placed on our website, they may allow our partners to process your personal data if you accept them. You can see how your personal data is handled on their websites.

To know more about your rights regarding the protection of Personal Data, you may consult the relevant supervisory authority within the jurisdiction in which you reside.

To know more about how Spendesk is processing your personal data, you may consult the Privacy Policy.