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Where is our finance community?

We have community events happening all over the globe and online. Here’s where you can find us:





A finance community built by Spendesk  

CFO Connect was created to strengthen the global network of finance professionals and promote modern, agile processes.

Supporting finance leaders

Inspiration can be hard to find. We bring authentic finance practitioners together to grow and learn from one another.

Future-proofing finance teams

Some processes can be slow to evolve. Learn how other finance teams have conquered common issues, and make your practices sustainable for the future.

Establishing lasting connections

A simple meetup today can bring incredible value and opportunities in the future. We’re here to foster these interactions.

Explore crucial finance topics

Our CFO meetups and resources probe into the subjects that matter today:

Impact finance

Sustainable business


Tools & technology

Impact finance

Sustainable business


Tools & technology

Startup financing

Finance networking events loved by leaders 

Join and build with financial architects of some of the most interesting and exciting companies in the world.

Catherine Birkett, CFO @GoCardless

“Communities like CFO Connect offer a great opportunity to learn more about trends and new ways of doing things in finance.”

Joyce Mackenzie Liu, Founder @Pegafund

“There's a lot of value in creating a strong community around finance leaders, who are often the only individual dedicated to their resource-constrained function within their business.”

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