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The easy, safe way to pay online

Spendesk virtual cards make online payments simple, trackable and secure. Team members can request a virtual card in just a few clicks, and every payment is logged automatically.

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A single source of truth for all company spending


Centralised control

Get full control and visibility over all company spending. Set spending policies and approval workflows, automate reporting and accounting tasks and track every transaction in real time from a single source of truth.


Secure payments

Manage online spending securely with Spendesk virtual Mastercards and pre-payment approval workflows. Issue physical Mastercards to travelling employees for use on the road and collect receipts with the Spendesk app.

9/10 customers say Spendesk increases their team collaboration.

Automated expense reporting

Automated receipt & invoice follow up for all employee payments. Save countless hours on payment reconciliation and stop wasting time on tedious manual tasks. Every payment is logged, and every receipt stored safely.

9/10 customers say Spendesk increases their team collaboration.

Easy invoice processing

Process and pay invoices alongside all your other expenses, where they belong. Employees simply upload invoices into the Spendesk platform for their manager's approval and processing by finance.

I know in real time where the money is spent, and I don’t have to lend out the company’s credit card anymore. What a relief!

Xavier Haffreingue

COO, Tinyclues

How Spendesk virtual cards work

Virtual cards keep you in control

Single-use cards

Create a new virtual card for each individual payment. Much safer than sharing the company card all over the web.

Effortless subscription management

Effortless subscription management

Save time and money by managing all your subscriptions in one place. Pause or delete a card at any time, and your other subscriptions continue.

Our customers get results

  • 95%

    of customers say Spendesk makes them more efficient and collaborative.

  • 4 days

    saved by finance teams on average each and every month with Spendesk.

  • 84%

    of customers feel more confident about where money is being spent.

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