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Employee expense reimbursements

Reimburse employee expenses seamlessly, without paperwork. Consolidate expense reimbursements alongside all other company spending.


  • Digitize expense reports

    Employees create 100% digital expense reports in seconds, managers approve even faster.
  • Automate receipt capture

    Snap a photo of your receipt, and OCR technology extracts every key detail.
  • Reconcile & report

    Full expense claim history is available anytime, anywhere.
  • Reimburse expenses

    Push expense reimbursements for instant payment and automatic reconciliation.

Automate expense reports via mobile

Your business teams sometimes need to pay out of pocket. Now they can use a mobile app to instantly claim reimbursement for expenses.

Automate mileage and per diem allowance calculations (Germany)

Manage mileage, German meal and hotel allowances: the employees simply enter trip details, and Spendesk calculates the exact amount of expense reimbursement required.

Stay compliant and ready for audit

View all travel expenses in real time. Stay compliant with built-in, up-to-date VAT calculations and receipt collection.

Make expense reimbursements right from Spendesk

Trigger expense reimbursements right from the Spendesk wallet. Reduce risks and reconcile payments faster.

Consolidate and track all payments

Manage employee expense reimbursements along with other transactions for better cost centre tracking and budget follow-up. Receipts are digitised and stored safely.

Automated expenses make everyone's lives easier

Olivier Dorison Accounting Manager @Onepark

Martin Pannier Product @Iziwork

Mandana Latifi CFO


Don’t wait until the end of the month to process claims. Review and prepare reimbursements on the go, and get ahead of closing time.


Claim expenses in seconds with the help of our bot Marvin. Save days by automating expense reports, and focus instead on more fulfilling work.


Access the audit trail for every expense reimbursement. Easily process payments in a few secure clicks, and mitigate the risks from switching between tools and manually entering data.

Switch now to effortless control
over company spending.