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Employee debit cards

Equip your teams with secure, customisable debit cards. Re-imagine the on-the-go spending experience with smart debit cards.

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  • Monitor budgets

    Company cards with adjustable, pre-defined budgets. Managers can top up cards on request.

  • Customize control

    Equip your employees with cards with rules and built-in spending policies.

  • Boost efficiency

    Streamline offline spending with the combination of a card and a mobile app.

  • Track in real time

    Finance and accounting can see all spending as it happens during the month.

Define individual budgets on debit cards

Grant employees a personal budget on their physical card to perform field purchases.

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Customise settings and create rules

Set specific time slots, days of the week, and expense categories as allowed per employee. Activate and deactivate the cash withdrawal option in a single click.

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Connect via the mobile application

Employees can easily see their debit card balance, top-up, get their PIN and be notified post-payment to add purchase information and receipts.

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Track all payments in real time

Instantly see consolidated online spending in the payments interface. Stay up to date on budgets and detect unusual transactions.

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Employee debit cards improve the entire spending process

Martin Pannier - Product at Iziwork - Spendesk customer

Martin Pannier Product @Iziwork

Gabrièle de Lamaze - Head of Customer Success at Plezi - Spendesk customer

Gabrièle de Lamaze Head of Customer Success @Plezi

Aaron Townsend - Finance controller at Habito - Spendesk customer

Aaron Townsend Financial Controller @ Habito


When you’re out of the office, traveling for work, visiting customers, or at a business lunch, you can pay easily and efficiently.


Track your team’s spending in real time and approve any top-up requests if needed. Consolidate online and offline spending to keep track of budgets, and avoid reviewing paper expense reports.

Finance & Accounting

Use spend data to improve bookkeeping processes, avoid manual tasks and stop chasing after people. Your month-end closing has never been so quick.

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