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Employee debit cards

Equip your teams with secured and customizable debit cards. Re-imagine the on-the-go spending experience with smart debit cards

  • Monitor budgets

    Physical cards have adjustable, pre-defined budgets. Managers can top up cards on request.

  • Customize control

    Equipe your employees with cards with rules and built-in spending policies.

  • Boost efficiency

    Streamline offline spending with the combination of a card and a mobile app.

  • Track in real time

    Finance and accounting can see all spending as it happens during the month.

Define individual budgets on physical cards

Grant employees a personal budget on their physical card to perform field purchases.

EN-£ Individual-budgets-physical-cards

Customize settings and set specific authorization

Set specific time slots, days of the week, and expenditure categories as allowed per employee. Activate and deactivate the cash withdrawal option in a click.

EN-£ Customize-settings-physical-cards

Connect via the mobile application

Employees can easily see their card balance, top-up, get their PIN and be notified post-payment to add purchase information and receipts.

EN-£ Mobile-application-physical-cards

Track all payments in real time

Instantly see consolidated online spending in the payments interface, to stay up-to-date on budgets and detect unusual transactions.

EN-£ Real-time-physical-cards

Employee debit cards improve the entire spending process

Martin Pannier Product @Iziwork

Aaron Townsend Financial Controller @ Habito

Gabrièle de Lamaze Head of Customer Success @Plezi


Whenever you’re out of the office, traveling for work, visiting customers, or at a business lunch, you can pay easily and efficiently.

Finance & Accounting

Use spend data to improve bookkeeping processes and avoid manual tasks and chasing after people. Your end of month closing will never have been so quick.


Track your team’s spending in real time and approve any top-up requests if needed. Consolidate offline and online spending to keep track of budgets and avoid reviewing long paper expense reports.

Switch now to smooth and secure offline spending

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