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The hidden cost of expense reports

This simple calculator lets you quickly measure how much manual expense processes are costing your business.

About your company

Enter your company name

This affects the currency used

What’s the average monthly salary for employees in your business?

How your company spends

All figures are monthly

How many employees spend money on behalf of your company?

How many expense reports do employees file each month?

How long does it take for an employee to submit one expense report?

How long does it take a manager to approve an expense?

How long does it take the finance team to process one expense?

What is the average value of employee expense claims?

Your results

Total expenses


per month

How much employees claim in expenses every month.

Hidden costs


0% of monthly expenses

Based on your average salary & the time taken to file and process claims.

Hours wasted per year

Number of hours spent manually filing and processing expense claims

Potential savings


per year

Automating expense claims can reduce the hidden costs of spending up to 60% each year.

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Learn how to build a healthy spend culture with simple strategies to reduce the hidden costs of company spending.

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