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Smart spend management for modern businesses

Spendesk helps finance teams implement a robust company spending process.


A complete solution for modern teams

Get secure payment methods built for businesses and finance teams.

  • Control

    Create employee & team spending policies, delegate approval to managers for large items, set budgets on subscription cards, and and use secure payment methods to reduce fraud.

  • Pay

    Empower employees with secure virtual cards for one-off payments, recurring virtual cards for subscriptions and online ads, & physical debit cards for on-the-road expenses.

  • Bookkeep

    Automate month-end receipt collection, map expense codes to your accounting software, & capture powerful information about transactions to drive reporting & analytics.

A ready-to-use spend process built for finance teams

  • Use customizable approval workflows

    Your company hierarchy is built into the platform. If an employee needs approval, their manager will be notified and can approve from anywhere. And finance has a clear record of everything.

  • Automate accounting codes

    Users choose from pre-defined general ledger codes when they make a payment. Which means half your reconciliation work is done for you.

  • Capture 90% of receipts on time

    Spenders can attach receipts the moment they make a purchase. If they forget, the platform reminds them - so you don’t have to.

  • Spend safely from anywhere

    Spendesk works the same from anywhere in the world. Users log into the platform and can create safe, secure virtual cards to spend online.

Spendesk gave us a traceable workflow and validation system. I can find details about any specific purchase any time I need them, which is so important. This saves me 30 hours per month.

Géraldine E Adjadj Accounting Manager, Botify

What makes Spendesk different

Spend tools that grow with you

Company cards and expense reports don’t scale. Instead, you can give every employee a smart way to pay without complex expense policies and endless training sessions. The whole process is waiting for them - they just need to log in.

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Enriched transaction data

Spendesk ensures you have more accurate payment data at all times. The moment a transaction occurs, you know the payor, vendor, and purpose, and can use this data for more accurate spend analysis.

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