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Our spending is more reliable and secure while empowering our employees. It's 100% win-win!

Big Mamma is a chain of Italian restaurants founded in 2013. They aim to share the authenticity and warmth of traditional Italian trattorias abroad with 100% homemade, affordable dishes served with a smile.



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Claire Hoden

Claire Hoden, Treasurer

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A 7-in-1 platform tailored to Big Mamma's needs

With several restaurants in France and abroad, Big Mamma’s finance team needed to maintain maximum control over company spending while helping managers easily make daily purchases. Spendesk met Big Mamma's needs perfectly.

Before Spendesk

A circulating company card

Potential for errors and fraud

Complicated receipt collection and no transparency

Traditional banks making spend management complex

With Spendesk

Payment methods adapted to Big Mamma's needs

100% control and real-time visibility

Automated receipt reconciliation

An intuitive, connected, and secure solution

"Spendesk has really changed the way we manage our expenses and reconcile them at the end of the month. Now we can track who's doing what!" explains Claire Hoden, Treasurer at Big Mamma.

A customer since 2020, Big Mamma has been using Spendesk on a daily basis to track all its restaurant and head office spending.

A restaurant network with sector-specific challenges

With over 1,500 employees, it was complicated for Big Mamma’s finance team to keep track of expenses. A credit card was allocated to each restaurant (although it was stored at the company's head office) and the process was completely uncoordinated.

There were serious concerns about fraud and errors, as each card was passed around and pre-registered on different sites. It was tough for Claire and her team to retrieve proof of payment, and therefore to track who had bought what and why.

Not to mention the fact that the cards had expiry dates, which added a lot of logistical complexity when it came to managing subscriptions.

Maintaining efficiency and control over spend

The main goal for Claire and her team was to regain control over the numerous expenses (one-off purchases, subscriptions, etc.).

"Today, we can better monitor who's doing what, because every employee has a Spendesk account and managers have to validate every expense. The accounting department is in order and collects the proper invoices.”

Following the clear success of using Spendesk for Big Mamma in France, they’ve implemented the solution across all the company's entities in Europe.

Key features used by Big Mamma :

  • Physical payment cards: one card per restaurant, one card for the office manager at company headquarters, and one card for the group buyer. These cards are configured to block online withdrawals and payments.

  • Virtual payment cards: all teams have access to these cards for one-off or recurring online purchases (such as subscriptions). Big Mamma's finance team prefers to use bank transfers, but this is an excellent alternative when needed.

  • Expense claim reimbursement: the module is currently being implemented by Claire and her team. It will enable employees to submit their expense claims electronically and the accounting team to reimburse them instantly via Spendesk.

Claire and her team are 100% satisfied with their use of Spendesk and highly recommend implementing it to structure corporate spend management processes.

Spendesk really simplified our bookkeeping. We've consolidated all our expenses and improved the traceability of each transaction. The platform is very intuitive and allows us to easily manage the expenses of all our entities worldwide.

Claire HodenTreasurer

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