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Product, Design & Data Team

We’re here to create stunning, smooth and data-enabled experiences to delight our customers. We carry the same principles and missions internally and build Spendeskers' top-notch working environment to help them achieve their best work.

Why should you join us?

  • Think customer first

    We work on exciting projects that change the way our customers operate on a daily basis.

  • The opportunity to continuously evolve

    Our people are our number one asset. We strive to help them grow in their roles and their skills.

  • Be a part of an amazing team

    "Caring" is one of our key cultural values. Therefore, hiring team players is a top priority for us.

  • A flexible work environment

    Everyone at Spendesk is able to work in a remote-friendly environment to ensure they're able to deliver their best in the conditions that suit them.

A word from our CPO

We’ve got ambitious goals for the coming years and we’re looking for masters of scale that will help us grow both our product and business.

James Colgan, Chief Product Officer @Spendesk

Let's get operational

Our Product Stack

  • Notion: for product specs and overall team documentation

  • Productboard: for roadmap planning and user's insights

  • Jira: for day-to-day project management

  • Fullstory: for product analytics

  • Figma: for collaborative design

  • Looker: for data analysis

  • Segment: for connecting the dots in terms of tracking

  • DBT: for shipping faster and reliable data

  • Snowflake: for our data warehouse

A few of our exciting projects

Unlocking the strength of data

We are building our data stack 2.0 to enhance the user experience through automation and machine learning and help them make spending decisions through tailored recommendations.

On the road to a new growth model

We are working on making our product the main growth lever of our business. Through strategic data-informed decisions, there are high stakes on solving technical and product challenges creatively to bring a transformative change to our business.

Budgets with Spendesk

We recently launched our budget feature to help stakeholders manage their teams' expenses. It enables every budget owner to make more informed and faster decisions.

Meet our team

We're proud to have a team with different backgrounds. Here's why they love being part of the team.

I really enjoy the teamwork involved in digging into complex problems & finding ways to solve our users' painpoints. In Product, we're super lucky to work with many colleagues from different teams and multi-faceted groups of people.

Clarisse Vignols

Product Lead

Working at Spendesk is an opportunity to grow both professionally and personally at a similar pace of the company.

Bertrand Bruandet

Product Designer

Working as a PM at Spendesk means co-creating the future of fintech with an incredible tech team and product design team. It also means being at the centre of product decisions across all teams.

Diane Bunod

Product Manager

What I particularly like at Spendesk is mutual assistance, goodwill and respect. Due to its huge ambition, Spendesk offers a stimulating and rewarding challenge for all of us.

Victor Euverte

Mobile Product Manager

What I love the most about Spendesk is the high level of collective intelligence and creativity we have. Every member of the squad brings her/his brain power to build our product, and I am always impressed by the results of these sessions together.

Lise Muller

Product Manager

What I like the most about Spendesk is that we have the opportunity to work on impactful and challenging projects while being part of a super caring work environment.

Karim Boukli-Hacène

Product Ops Manager

I recently joined Spendesk, and I can say that the team is composed of caring and smart people. The technical stack on data side is really nice and there is a real effort to keep it modern and maintainable.

Jules Jeanroy

Product Data Analyst

I am proud of building a new product based on the problems our customers are facing, without being afraid to question the way things have been done for decades. Working with smart and pro-active people clearly helps to take a step back.

Jean Haguenauer

Product Designer

I am proud of building a new product based on the problems our customers are facing, without being afraid to question the way things have been done for decades. Working with smart and pro-active people clearly helps to take a step back.

Thomas Joët

Product Manager

At Spendesk, PMs are truly autonomous to deliver impact in their products, from discovery to planning and execution

Martin Périé

Lead Product Manager

What I love about being PM at Spendesk is having trust and autonomy to make the right choices while the company is growing fast, and so I have a direct impact on the product vision we're building.

Julien George-Lourdens

Mobile Product Manager