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Chloé Lecerf

Published on June 10, 2020


We all know that employees need to spend in order to generate revenue. But we also know that this usually involves far too much red tape.

When it's now easy and efficient to get tools and resources online, why do we keep these hurdles in place?

Good news, friends. What if your team members could request approval and generate single-use virtual cards from anywhere in the world, all while keeping finance in the loop?

With the Spendesk mobile app, they can!

Generate virtual cards from mobile

Single-use virtual cards make spending online safer

It's the new best practice for business spending. Generate unique card details for every transaction, so you won’t have the company card saved on hundreds of sites.

Every single team member can do this safely, and the finance team still has ultimate control over what's spent.

This is the whole reason we built virtual cards when we started Spendesk a few years ago. And now, not only can Spendesk users purchase online via our Desktop Chrome Extension, but they can take that ability anywhere thanks to the mobile app.

Part of a complete spend management suite

The best part about our mobile virtual cards is that they're integrated with the rest of your spending. Depending on your Spendesk setup, the mobile app lets you:

  • Manage your Spendesk physical card 
    Keep visibility over work spending, manage top ups, and block your card anytime if necessary.

  • Submit receipts and expense claims 
    Goodbye paperwork! The app reminds you to snap your receipts right after each purchase, and automates expense claims if you spent out-of-pocket.

  • Validate requests and track team expenses
    Team leaders receive notifications to approve their team’s purchase requests wherever they are.

  • Generate single-use virtual cards for online purchases
    Starting today, all employees can request and generate single-use virtual cards right from the app.

We hope you like using this new feature as much as we do!

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