Product Update: September 2019
Claire Boisseau

Published on September 30, 2019


Given all the recent exciting news and product launches, we’re breaking up Inside Spendesk to introduce a dedicated place to talk about features and product: Product Update.

Product Update is your new monthly go-to-article to follow the latest evolutions of the Spendesk platform and all the improvements released each month! We’ll also share more Customers stories from our lovely clients.

Inside Spendesk will remain focused on what’s happening in Spendesk and our culture.

So what’s in this installment? All the BIG and exciting product news of September, of course:

  • An enhanced on-the-go experience with the new mobile app

  • A homepage for Finance admins to easily catch key insights

  • Safer online payments with 3D-S security for all Spendesk cards

Let’s take a closer look at all three.

What’s new at Spendesk?

The new mobile app


The mobile app was totally redesigned from scratch for a better on-the-go experience for everyone in the company:

  • Spenders can manage their cards and expense claims easier

  • Managers have a better overview of team spending and requests to review

  • Finance is happier with a simpler receipt capture flow, and has full visibility over  company-wide spending.

For more details, read our special blog article about the new mobile app.

New homepage for controllers

The new go-to page for controllers is live! Now when you log in to Spendesk you have instant visibility on what's being spent, and a clear list of to-dos. Which makes staying on top of company budgets so much easier.


This new homepage makes spending insights more accessible and actionable. Controllers see their company’s real-time account balance, total company spend over the last six months, as well as a missing receipt leaderboard.

To learn more about the new homepage, read our blog article here.

3D-Secure: more secure spending

Sometimes even small changes can make a big impact. This is one of those changes.

We’re happy to share that all Spendesk cards are now equipped with 3D-Secure authentication, also known as “3D-S.”

It may not sound like much, but thanks to 3D-S you can expect a significant decrease in the number of failed payments, and you’re far better protected from fraud. And, since some vendors now require 3D-S to process payments, you’ll be able to use your card in far more places. Not bad, right?

How it works

With 3D-S enabled, before you can check out online you’ll be asked to provide a code (sent to you by SMS) to verify the transaction.

3D-S Spendesk popup
This means that even if someone has your card details, they won’t be able to pay for things online without access to the mobile phone linked to your Spendesk account.

How to set it up

All you have to do is add a valid mobile number to your Spendesk profile, so we can send an SMS to confirm each transaction.

Customer Spotlight

Spendesk talks to Lunii

When a customer explains why they chose Spendesk and how they use it, it makes all of our hard work worth it! Of course, it’s also a moment for customers to share how they’d improve our product roadmap and make their experience even more delightful.

In September, we had the chance to welcome Lunii CFO Raphaël Fritz to our Paris HQ.

Lunii and Spendesk

Lunii has been a customer for almost a year now, using our full Suite to manage all their spending across the whole company, in both the US and in France. And the reason they’ve rolled it out everywhere is simple:

“Employees should never have to pay with their own money," explains Raphaël. We quite agree - it’s the very reason why we’ve built Spendesk.

But for Lunii, it goes beyond simple business trips or occasional expenses. Spendesk has become a core part of the company’s processes. 
"Spendesk is now part of our employee onboarding." Every new employee receives their Spendesk card and is shown the correct way to pay for things at work.

For Raphaël, having everyone using one clear system makes his life so much simpler: “The biggest value is that I just log into one platform and I know where the money is spent, in one place. Spendesk is my go-to place for everything related to payments."

That mix of giving control to finance teams but autonomy to everyone else is what Spendesk is all about.

**About Lunii
**Lunii is a French company dedicated to creating an immersive audio universe full of original content. In a world dominated by televisions, phones and tablets, Lunii helps to eliminate the need for screen time.

See you in October! 🎃