13 London finance events to attend in 2024

Patrick Whatman

Published on March 6, 2024


Want to meet other finance professionals and learn more from industry experts? Looking for new work opportunities, innovative technologies to explore, and smart companies to follow?

Or maybe you simply want an excuse to get out of the office to get your creative juices flowing.

Attending an industry conference could be the change of pace and inspiration you seek…and we’ve listed some of the most interesting events in London to get you started.

Here are our suggestions for the best London finance events to attend in 2023. We’ve split them into the big, broad industry conferences, and those for practitioners with a specific niche.

Not in the UK, but in Europe? Check out our complete list of European finance events to attend in 2023.

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Large Finance conferences in London

Keen to network, learn from big names, and discuss the major trends affecting finance and technology? These are London's large-scale events that might take your fancy.

1. Finance Digitalisation Forum 2024

The Finance Digitalisation Forum is “a premier event focused on the transformation of finance functions in the digital era.” It brings together influential executives and industry thought leaders to explore the trends and best practices for digitalising the finance function.  

Themes include change management, process automation, analytics, and the future of the finance profession. You’ll find specific sessions on tax transformation, AR strategy, compliance and transparency, and lean financial management. 

It’s a chance to meet and learn from leaders at Vodafone, Renault, FedEx, Ricoh, DFCG, and plenty more.

When: 22-23 April 2024

Where: London Marriott Hotel Canary Wharf

To register: Event registration page

2. AI in Finance Summit

Source: RE•WORK

Few topics are as pervasive as AI at the moment. But while these tools are solidifying their place in the creative and  communications world, they haven’t yet taken over corporate finance. There’s still much to discover for most finance professionals. 

This conference is a chance to see the latest AI technology and trends through a finance lens. Which makes it appealing to CFOs and finance leaders, but also data scientists, CTOs, IT specialists, and operations managers. 

It also features networking and Q&A sessions with AI experts. So if you’re looking interested but not yet fluent in artificial intelligence, this is a chance to pick the brains of those who are. 

When: 23-24 May 2024

Where: London, UK

To register: Event registration page

3. Xerocon London

Source: Xero

For accountants and bookkeepers, Xerocon is among the most exciting events of the year. It offers ways to succeed as a Xero user, insights into upcoming product releases, and an atmosphere that makes you excited to be part of the accounting ecosystem. 

The Xerocon agenda is always a mix of entertaining keynotes and focused breakout sessions to improve your specific practice. You’re promised an opening performance on day one, inspiring keynotes on overcoming uncertainty, product updates, and special guests. 

If you’re a Xero practitioner or app developer, this is a hard event to pass up. 

When: 12-13 June 2024

Where: ExCeL London

To register: Event registration page

4. Fintech World Forum

FinTech World Forum’s two-day agenda is absolutely packed. Day one begins with seven short keynotes on topics including supply chain finance in India and tackling payments fraud with AI, and a panel discussion on transforming financial markets. All before lunch. 

Any professional working in fintech will find plenty to chew on. If sessions on market regulation, M&A, crypto, AI, and cybersecurity don’t interest you, there are multiple talks on scaling services, simplifying compliance, and futureproofing your fintech business. 

Plus there are networking breaks and VIP dinners. You’re unlikely to get bored. 

When: 20-21 June 2024

Where: Where: Kensington Conference and Event Centre, London

To register: Event registration page

5. World Finance Forum

The World Finance Forum brings experts and corporate leaders together to discuss finance transformation, AI, business partnering, FP&A, strategic leadership and diversity, equity and inclusion. With less than 200 attendees, it’s a relatively intimate opportunity to connect with peers and learn from executives from top brands. 

The agenda is broken into two streams: “Transformation, Technology, & Trends,” and “People, Partnering, & Process.” You’ll find sessions on cyberthreats, AI, ESG reporting, innovation, and building a retention-boosting culture. 

As a CFO or senior finance leader, there are insights to tackle every challenge you encounter in your role. 

When: 5 September 2024

Where: London, UK

To register: Event registration page

6. Gartner CFO & Finance Executive Conference

Source: Gartner

This annual London event for CFOs, Corporate Controllers, Senior Accountants, Heads of FP&A, and VPs of Finance Transformation. The idea is to learn from Gartner’s own research and advice, and meet other finance leaders to build new connections. 

The theme for this year’s conference is “Autonomous finance: driving transformation to unlock enterprise value.” The event is focused on company productivity, which it sees as the answer to challenging market conditions. 

Everything from strategic planning, to organisational structure, to investing is on the table across two insightful days. 

When: 11-12 September 2024

Where: London, UK

To register: Event registration page

7. #RISK London 2024

As an event specifically for risk and compliance professionals, you might expect to see it with the “niche” events below. But with more than 100 exhibitors, 200 expert speakers, keynotes, panels, and breakout sessions, #RISK London is a full-blown conference. 

The two-day conference vows to “empower you with the knowledge, insights, and connections you need to survive and thrive in a fast changing world of risk.”

Key themes for this 2024 edition include regulatory requirements, emerging technologies, changing working practices, geopolitical uncertainty, ESG-related risks, and high-interest rates. 

When: 9-10 October 2024

Where: ExCeL London

To register: Event registration page

8. FinTech Connect

Source: The Fintech Times

This trade show dedicated to fintech expects to host more than 3,000 attendees, including CFOs and finance leaders from startups, enterprises, and financial institutions. The goal: “to connect the global thought-leaders across the fintech ecosystem in an exhibition and conference like no other.”

The conference explores four main verticals:

  • Digital Innovation & Gen AI

  • Payments

  • Digital Assets 

  • Digital Identity

Speakers and panelists come from banks (Lloyds, Citi, NatWest, Barclays), NGOs (UNHCR), and global fintech brands (Booking.com, Lastminute.com, Only Fans). If you want to discover and interact with a cross-section of Europe’s fintech community, this is the event to attend.

When: 4-5 December 2024

Where: ExCeL London

To register: Event registration page

Niche industry events

Sometimes the big broad events above can feel like all glitz and no substance. If you want to get into the nitty gritty in your specific industry, the following options might prove more rewarding.

9. ePay Summit Europe

Source: ePay Summit

ePay Summit describes itself as “shaping the future eCommerce payments.” As that tagline suggests, this conference looks at the trends, challenges, and opportunities related to payments for eCommerce businesses and consumers. 

This year’s event features leaders from banks like NatWest and Cashplus, as well executives from Etsy, M&S, Zalando, Uber, Lastminute.com, Microsoft, IKEA, and other household names. 

Around half of attendees join from the UK and Ireland, while the other half come from across Europe. Which makes this a good chance to build your network locally and internationally, and see how other eCommerce businesses manage payments.  

When: 21 May 2024

Where: Kensington Conference and Event Centre, London

To register: Event registration page

10. Receivables Finance International Convention

This event’s organisers pose a thorny question: “With the global economy continuing to be sluggish, SME businesses being underserved by financiers, credit risk ever-growing, and ESG, and other regulatory scrutiny intensifying, is the industry ready for the next push toward bridging the $2.5 trillion trade finance gap?”

All of that in the context of accounts receivable financing and factoring. The 2023 edition featured 17 presentations and panels and just under 200 attendees, making this a more intimate networking opportunity than a large-scale conference. 

For factoring professionals, it promises plenty of insights and a great chance to meet those shaping the industry in the UK. 

When: 22-23 May 2024

Where: Clifford Chance, London

To register: Event registration page

11. Fraud Leaders' Summit

An earlier edition took place in February, and the Fraud Leaders’ Summit returns in July to talk all things payments fraud. This event is for senior leaders responsible for fraud, investigations, loss prevention, and compliance in their companies. Which of course can include CFOs, COOs, and CTOs. 

You’ll also get to meet industry innovators and suppliers, but there will be no exhibition spaces or press in attendance. The goal is to interact closely and productively in an intimate setting - to really build connections and learn from influential strategists. 

You’ll also be able to pre-book your own itinerary of 1:1 meetings and ensure you meet the most pertinent people. 

When: 2-3 July 2024

Where: London, UK

To register: Event registration page

12. Private Funds CFO Network’s Europe Forum

Firmly in the “niche” events category, this event is specifically for members of the Private Funds CFO Network. As the name suggests, this forum (and the network) connects operations and finance professionals in private equity funds to share ideas and learn from each other. 

There will of course be panel discussions and presentations. The 2023 installment featured sessions on portfolio management, regulatory changes, carried interest, and talent retention. 

For finance professionals working in private equity, this event might just be for you.  

When: 13-14 November 2024

Where: Sofitel London St James, London

To register: Event registration page

Regular finance meetups

There are of course other events taking place on a regular basis. For finance leaders who want something reliable and ongoing, these communities can provide exactly this.

13. CFO Connect

If you’d rather join a tight-knit community than a one-off finance conference, CFO Connect is for you.

Regular online events (and with in-person meetings coming back as well!) across London, Paris, Berlin, Barcelona, and Amsterdam enable finance leaders to make valuable connections all over Europe.

These events focus on one key topic per session, with two to three industry experts sharing their own experience and offering guidance to attendees.

CFO Connect is open to experienced finance professionals–not just CFOs–and those looking to become CFOs as a next career move.

The best part? There’s also an exclusive Slack community for members, hosting some of Europe’s most intriguing and insightful conversations on finance leadership.

To view events and join the community: CFO Connect website

Find more finance events in the United Kingdom

If you’re still looking for more, here are a few great places to keep an eye on:

UK Finance

UK Finance runs a huge range of its own trainings, conferences, dinners, and webinars. If you’d like to keep a steady stream of local events to attend, this is a great site to follow.

The Financial Services Forum

Similar to UK Finance, FS Forum runs lots of meetups and online events for members and non-members alike. These cover lots of interesting topics, and are definitely worth looking into.


10Times.com is a site to search for all kinds of events, everywhere. But its list of London finance events is comprehensive, including plenty that are hard to find elsewhere.

Get a ticket, book a spot, talk finance

We hope you’ll have the opportunity to attend one or more of these London finance events in 2024. Whether it’s an in-person, hybrid, or virtual gathering, there’s a lot to learn and even more people to meet and connect with.

It’s always a good idea to expand your knowledge and your finance network–and participating in conferences is an engaging and exciting way to get inspired on the latest happenings in your industry.

And of course, we’d love for you to join CFO Connect. Hope to see you at one of our events soon!

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