14 finance conferences & events in Europe in 2024

Patrick Whatman

Published on March 20, 2024


Despite setbacks from the COVID-19 pandemic, the global events industry has come back strong. Marketing and sales teams are fast returning to trade shows to drum up buyers and spread the word about their brands.

But we can't forget about finance teams. Finance professionals need to network and upskill too. And thankfully, there are a range of interesting events that'll help you do just that.

This post highlights some of the most exciting fintech, banking, and broader finance events in Europe this year. And we’ve added a handful of wider business and tech conferences that, which not strictly all about finance, still attract plenty of CFOs and finance leaders. 

We'll keep this list updated throughout the year, so you'll always be able to find the most exciting events approaching.

Note: We also have a list of the top London finance events for 2024. Since we don’t want to repeat ourselves, we haven’t included any of those in this list.

Now, let’s see what Europe has to offer for 2024.

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European fintech events in 2024

In this section we have events specifically for companies in the fintech sector. That mostly means payments, insurance, and new financial technologies.

1. Paris Fintech Forum

The Fintech Forum is Paris’ annual reunion for C-level executives, finance leaders, and other decision makers in leading European companies. Speakers include executives from global companies and NGOs, founders of budding unicorns, and even world leaders.

Their hybrid conference format allows for flexibility; events are spread across the four seasons of the year. Last year, fintech CEOs & chairs gathered to speak in panels, interviews, and debates. Explore the highlights from 2023 here.

2024 features two key in-person events:

  • Women in Finance Lunch (October - by invitation only)

  • Debate & Dinner (November - by invitation only)

For those not lucky enough to receive invites, Paris Fintech Forum shares a bi-monthly video interview series with heads of banks, insurers, and European fintech businesses. 

When: March - November, 2024

Where: Hybrid events in various locations around Paris and online

To register: Event website

2. Money 20/20

Money 20/20 is one of the largest events on our list, regularly featuring more than 8,500 attendees from 2,300+ companies. The conference hosts a mix of panel discussions by global leaders in the fintech industry, networking opportunities, interactive sessions and parties.

Its mission? No less than creating the future of money. The 2024 conference promises to have even more of the biggest names and key players in the payments, banking, fintech and financial services sectors.

Can’t make this year’s event? Check out their digital initiative MoneyFest for more on-demand fintech content created by industry leaders and changemakers.

When: 4-6 June, 2024

Where: Amsterdam, Netherlands

To register: Event website

3. Seamless Europe

Seamless Europe promises to explore “the future of retail, e-commerce, payments, and fintech across Europe.” The event is aimed predominantly at banks and retailers, with attendees from Barclays, BNP Paribas, Goldman Sachs, and ING, plus Walgreens Boots, Amazon, Sephora, and Audi. Essentially the market leaders in payments and commerce. 

Seamless Europe is both a paid, two-day conference, and a free trade show. Conference attendees will enjoy talks from 400+ speakers covering trends, disruptions, and new tech in payments and e-commerce. 

The list of key themes is long, including: 

  • Digital banking and payments

  • Digital identity, fraud, cybersecurity, and insurance

  • Marketplaces and cross-border commerce

  • Delivery and unified commerce

When: 10-11 September, 2024

Where: Messe Munich, Germany

To register: Event website

4. Accounting Summit

Accounting Summit is Europe’s premier accounting conference, about digitalization and innovation in accounting. Leading experts gather and meet with companies that provide innovative digital solutions for accounting, controlling, and bookkeeping.

AI promises to dominate the conversation this year. The event also features masterclasses, sneak peeks, and demos of the best accounting tools and tech. 

And as if one conference isn’t enough, Controlling Summit runs at the same time, also in Düsseldorf. Overall, there’s a simply enormous amount of information and content to attendees.

When: 11-12 September, 2024

Where: Düsseldorf, Germany

To register: Event website

5. Amsterdam Fintech Week (XFW)

Hosted by Holland Fintech, XFW was created to build fintech connections within the Netherlands, build new ones internationally, and increase stakeholder engagement in the sector. 

Aimed at a cross section of fintech players, attendees include startups, investors, regulators, policymakers, banks, insurance companies, funds, universities, accelerators, and more. The week revolves around a two-day Summit, plus an expo, community events, and workshops. 

Previous editions included speakers from Mastercard, Accenture, BDO, Airwallex, Rabobank, iBanFirst, Google Cloud, and Holland Fintech.

When: 2-4 October, 2024

Where: Amsterdam, Netherlands

To register: Event website

6. Milan Fintech Summit

Milan Fintech Summit brings 1,300 registrants, 110 speakers, and 540 companies together to strengthen and promote the Milanese fintech industry. Key goals include attracting the best talent, discovering new trends, driving further investment, and solidifying the network of fintech businesses. 

To give the Summit a unique flavour, the event has chosen music as its inspiration for 2024. Each session name is derived from a song title, and speakers and delegates will add their favourite songs to the official Milan Fintech Summit Playlist.

The key theme for 2024 is “Smells Like Fintech Spirit”: bringing fintech solutions and products to the wider tech world. 

When: 8-9 October, 2024

Where: Allianz MiCo, Milan, Italy

To register: Event website

7. ECOM21

Pitched as “where e-commerce and fintech are one,” ECOM21 is the largest professional e-commerce conference in the Baltics.

The annual event brings together thousands of participants from 54 countries around the world. Attendees and speakers include industry-leading business representatives from key players like MasterCard and Deloitte.

ECOM21 hosts a diverse discussion platform with audiences and expert panels on e-commerce, which present a great opportunity for international networking.

Key themes for 2024 include:

  • Product development: licensing, compliance, customer journeys, and user experience.

  • Payment trends: Fraud, cybersecurity, regulations and AI.

  • Automation: Powering fintech with AI-driven decision-making.

  • Blockchain:Crypto, NFTs, and Blockchain developments. 

When: 27-28 November, 2024

Where: Riga, Latvia

To register: Event website

Finance meetups & niche events

For finance leaders - especially CFOs - wanting a more intimate, expert community environment.

8. CFO Connect

CFO Connect is our global community & resource hub for modern finance leaders, hosting both online and in-person events in Europe and the United Kingdom.

These informal monthly information sessions and workshops are led by experienced finance leaders from different industries. Join CFO Connect’s online community to learn and exchange knowledge on key and trending topics in the finance sector.

Popular session topics have included: 

The network is now home to more than 11,000 vetted finance professionals from over 20 countries. And it’s completely free to join!

When: In-person and virtual events throughout the year

To register: Join the community

9. Sustainable Investment Forum Europe 2024

As the name suggests, the Sustainable Investment Forum Europe aims to unite the European financial sector behind more sustainable investments. 

Attendees include 350 investors, banks, policymakers, think tanks, and NGOs. As a relatively intimate event, the Forum encourages in-depth discussions and close partnership between attendees.

There will also be talks by representatives from the UNEP Finance Initiative, consumer and investment banks, pension funds, and climate action leaders. 

Key themes include: 

  • Combating greenwashing

  • Sampling ESG data

  • Unpacking the European Green Deal Investment Plan

  • Examining European Sustainability Regulations 

When: 2 May, 2024

Where: Pullman Paris Montparnasse, France

To register: Event website

Not strictly finance events

The following selection of events moves outside of strictly finance to the wider tech and startup ecosystem. Of course, there’s still plenty to appeal to finance and fintech-oriented professionals.

10. Latitude59

Held annually in Tallinn, Estonia, Latitude59 is one of the most energetic and vibrant European startup events on the calendar. But without being overwhelming. The event website describes large startup conferences as “cruise ships,” while Latitude59 is “a lovely yacht.”

There are technically two days of conference, but the event begins the night before with a “warm up” of more than 30 unofficial gatherings, including investor and media dinners. 

The big moment for startups comes is the pitch competition on day two. The prize fund of €1,000,000 is a huge draw, but so is the chance to build connections and show of your startup to industry bigwigs. 

If you’re not there to pitch, the conference also has a matchmaking app for networking, and plenty of keynotes and inspiring speakers. 

When: 22-24 May, 2024

Where: Kultuurikatel (Tallinn Creative Hub), Tallinn, Estonia

To register: Event website

11. SaaStock

SaaStock is the European conference for SaaS founders. What can you expect this year? 6,000+ attendees, 100+ hours of networking, 150+ speakers, 600+ investors, and more.

Grow your network, build your connections, and have fun while doing it! The conference features multiple stages for attendees to explore all things SaaS, speakers are hand picked and perfectly tailored to current needs and on-trend topics.

And fun fact: 68% of all attendees are in leadership roles.

When: 14-16 October 2024

Where: Royal Dublin Society, Dublin, Ireland

To register: Event website

12. TNW Conference

“TNW Conference is like Woodstock for innovators.” This testimonial paints quite the picture of what to expect at the TNW 2023. With more than 10k attendees from 6,000 companies and 1,500 startups, this is always among the most exciting annual conferences. 

Meet and connect with international tech executives, policymakers, startups, scale-ups, and tech enthusiasts. Industry pioneers will share insights across diverse themes: from scaling your business and maximizing your ROI, to solving impactful challenges and the world of AI.

Speakers this year include leaders from companies like Microsoft, McLaren, Booking, OnlyFans, Tony’s Chocolonely, Vinted, YC, and IKEA.

Key themes for 2024:

  • Rebirth through artificial intelligence

  • The techscape of tomorrow

  • Sustainability

  • Disrupting finance (legacy banks, especially)

  • The venture capital landscape

  • Surviving through innovation

When: 20-21 June, 2024

Where: Amsterdam, Netherlands

To register: Event website

13. VivaTech

VivaTech is one of Europe’s biggest tech and startup events, focused on outstanding innovation and technology in business and presenting yearly VivaTech Awards.

The annual event welcomes 150,000+ visitors, 2,800 exhibitors, and 450+ speakers, with a powerful mission to bring positive change and digital transformation to businesses and society.

Attendees are high-level decision makers, business leaders, startups, investors, researchers and innovators excited to network and share knowledge with one another on the latest tech trends, products, innovations, and challenges.

It’s the perfect place for businesses, prospects, and investors to connect – some startups generate 25% of their annual leads at the VivaTech conference.

Key themes for 2024:

  • Artificial intelligence

  • Climate tech

  • Mobility

  • The creator economy

  • Deeptech

  • Future societies

  • Gaming & eSports

And there will be a particular spotlight on Japan, celebrated as “Country of the Year.”

When: 22-25 May, 2024

Where: Paris Expo Porte de Versailles, France

To register: Event website

14. Bits & Pretzels Founders Festival

Bits & Pretzels launched their inaugural event in 2014 as a small founders breakfast with just 80 participants.

Jump to today: 5,000 participants made up of founders, world-leading companies, and famous speakers attend Bits & Pretzels, leading the conversation on how entrepreneurship can drive positive change in Europe and beyond.

This year’s inspiring speakers include Michelle Obama and the President of Botswana, plus business thought leaders like Cathie Wood (ARK Invest), and senior executives from Vodafone, AirBnb, Google, SAP, Intel, and many more. 

Join fellow creators, investors, and startup enthusiasts and experts this September 2024 for 3 days of learning, networking, and new inspiration. 

Run a startup? This is the right place to get exposure and valuable feedback on your business.

When: 29 September - 1 October, 2024

Where: Munich, Germany

To register: Event website

More European events and networking in 2024

Not everyone has the time or budget for events to attend regularly. Tickets can run into the thousands of euros, and it can be tricky to measure a return on investment. And yet, conferences are as popular as ever.

Whether you prefer intimate meetups like CFO Connect, or larger tech festivals like Bits & Pretzels, these are valuable opportunities to discover new ideas and trends, exchange feedback with peers, and build new connections and partnerships.

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