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Comparing Pleo with Spendesk?

Spendesk is the leading all-in-one spend management solution in Europe. Combine spend approvals, purchase orders, employee expense cards, virtual cards, expense reimbursements, and invoice management in one source of truth.

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The 7-in-1 difference

  • 4x

    faster end-of-month closing

  • 100%

    visibility on all operational spend

  • £0

    setup & no hidden fees

  • 95%

    receipt reconciliation in just 2 days

  • Unlimited

    virtual cards, subscriptions & users

Spendesk is the leading all-in-one solution for smart spend management.

Spendesk combines control, visibility and automation for finance teams, with more autonomy for employees.

Full control over online spend
Pre-approval workflows
Unlimited virtual cards for one-time online payments
Virtual cards for recurring payments such as software subscriptions
Expense management on the go
Integrated spend controls
Mobile app for spending on the go
Expense management
Reimburse expenses with one click via bank transfer
Invoice management
End-to-end digitised purchasing process from order to invoice

One solution for all business expenses

We've combined smart payment methods with even smarter software, to manage all expenses in one place.

  • Approval and policies
  • Team budgets
  • Invoice payment
  • Expense tracking
  • Virtual & physical cards
  • Spending reports
  • Pre-accounting automation

Built to let finance teams do their best work

Control, visibility, & flexibility

Create virtual cards for secure online payments

Instead of creating manual expense reports at the end of the month, employees can use Spendesk virtual cards to pay autonomously and securely online. This includes tickets for a business trip or supplies for the home office. Mastercard's virtual debit cards are ideal for corporate spending: they're a secure alternative to corporate cards, where credit card details are often shared by multiple employees, increasing the risk of fraud. Virtual cards can also be used to manage monthly software subscriptions and services.

Smart debit cards with built-in spending limits

With Spendesk, every employee gets their own Mastercard debit card for payments on the go, enabling autonomous and secure payments. Thanks to built-in spending limits, managers & finance teams make sure that all policies are followed. Unlock specific days of the week, individual time slots, and spending categories (e.g. hotel, airline tickets or restaurant visits) for each employee. The function for withdrawing cash from ATMs can be activated and deactivated with a single click.

Digital invoice management & real-time overview

Spendesk offers more than modern payment methods like virtual & physical debit cards. The solution also centralizes employee purchase requests in the form of purchase orders and their associated invoices. All employee requests can be linked to associated budgets and cost centers for better visibility and planning. The finance team maintains visibility, and budget owners and managers can verify whether or not the requested expense fits within the budget before approving it.

Export data to your accounting software

Spendesk automates pre-accounting by automatically reading VAT and allocating general ledger codes and receipts. Thanks to Spendesk, finance teams save an average of 2-3 days on month-end closing. With the help of native integrations and customizable exports, you can also easily link payments and receipts from Spendesk to your existing systems, such as DATEV.


When you’re a fast-scaling company, lots of people have requests, lots of people need funds, lots of people need to expense or need to spend. Suddenly, you lose efficiency, you lose control, and you have a lack of visibility. Spendesk keeps us in control of things.


Tom Libbrecht, Finance Manager, Silverfin


We've summarised the most frequently asked questions about Spendesk & Pleo.

Pleo is a Danish fintech company headquartered in Copenhagen, founded in 2015. Pleo's mission is to make corporate payments easier for employees, specifically via smart credit cards.

Spendesk is the all-in-one spend management solution that gives more control, visibility, and automation to today's finance teams. This includes online payments, expenses, purchase orders, invoices and card payments. Spendesk replaces corporate cards, often shared by multiple employees, with secure Mastercard virtual and physical debit cards. Spendesk has offices in Berlin, Paris, London and San Francisco.

Pleo is particularly suitable for startups and small businesses that want to give their employees access to modern means of payment, so they can spend on behalf of the company without having to advance expenses.

Spendesk software is aimed at startups, scaleups, and small and medium-sized businesses. The goal is to give the finance team full visibility into all company expenses in one solution, whether it's card payments with virtual or physical debit cards, expense reports, mileage, meal expenses, purchase orders or invoices. Intelligent pre-approvals give employees some room to maneuver without losing control. All other expenses can be validated or rejected by a supervisor on the fly, via the mobile app, email, or Slack integration. Spendesk also automates preparatory accounting through automated VAT readout, and offers native integrations with accounting systems such as Xero. You can easily manage the expenses of multiple branches centrally in Spendesk.

Spendesk software is available for companies in the European Economic Area (including Germany, France, United Kingdom, Spain, Norway, Sweden, Denmark) and in the United States.

Users can create Spendesk wallets with currencies in Euro (€), US Dollar ($), Pound (£), Danish Krone (DKK), Norwegian Krone (NOK) and Swedish Krona (SEK).

Yes. Spendesk debit cards are protected against fraud by Mastercard's "Zero Liability Protection". This liability protection applies to your purchases in-store, online, such as e-commerce payments, or via a mobile device, and to all ATM transactions. For more information, see the MasterCard website.

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Last updated: 23 August 2021