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Spendesk offers more than prepaid cards. Upgrade your spend management platform with better preapproval tools, budget monitoring systems, and powerful analytics and reporting. Get everything you need to control your spend — all in one place.


An all-in-one spend management platform

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Spendesk & PEX: Side-by-side comparison

Intuitive expense management tools for fast and easy implementation with a great balance between control and visibility.

Secure corporate payments
Unlimited physical and virtual corporate cards
Better spend control
Pre-approval for employee payments
To-the-minute spend tracking
Flexible expense processing
Smart debit cards with built-in rules
Analytics and reporting
Automatic accounting & expense allocations
Accounting integrations & custom exports

Centralize your spending with Spendesk

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  • Accounting

Company cards and operational efficiencies

Go beyond prepaid debit cards or bank-acquired business credit cards by using a platform that delivers unparalleled control to your financial team. Improve employee spending with both physical and virtual cards by assigning specific rulesets that limit card functionality and ensure that money is in merchant categories that make sense for your organization. With Spendesk, staying in control of your finances has never been easier.

Accounting controls that actually work

Prepaid expense card solutions are popular spend management tools, and many companies offer them. Unfortunately, these tools can’t control company spending by themselves. Because teams and departments have specific needs and require different financial allocations, you’ll need better financial management to bring spending under control. With Spendesk, these robust accounting tools are consolidated into a single, intuitive platform that is simple and easy to use.

100% visibility on every transaction

Quit second-guessing on expenses. Spendesk provides financial management solutions that give your finance team a front-row seat to all corporate spend. Know instantly when cardholders use their cards, and get notifications on all financial activity. Make receipt capture fast, simple, and easy for employees using mobile receipt capture. Emburse cards with new funds, approve transactions on the fly, and see what’s actually happening with each transaction in every department — all in one place.

Consolidate and automate expense reimbursements

Everybody hates dealing with expense reimbursement. It’s a tedious process that can ultimately conflict with or delay your end-of-month close. That’s especially true if your approval and payment workflows are handled separately from the rest of your expense solution (which is common). With Spendesk, everything happens in one place so that submissions, approvals, and reimbursements are fast, simple, and painless.

How Spendesk makes life easier at Mention Me

Spendesk strikes a balance between operational spend, operational efficiency, and company cards


The most frequently asked questions about Spendesk and PEX.

On the surface, Spendesk and PEX have some similarities. Both offer expense management services using prepaid cards, and both have pricing plans to cover similar markets (small business, nonprofit, corporate, etc.).

PEX centers most of its solutions and services around this offering. The company’s financial services are heavily weighted toward card-based transactions and on-the-go spend monitoring using mobile devices. They also offer API access to set up automation for everything from ACH bank transfers all the way to spending limits on corporate cards.

Spendesk delivers a similar experience but in a more intuitive and holistic way. You can issue unlimited cards (both physical and virtual) with Spendesk, but you can also manage budgets, invoices, and reporting all in one place. You don’t even need an API to set up spending rules or automate processes!  It can all be done inside the platform and adjusted on the fly based on company needs.

If you’re considering a switch from PEX (or a similar fintech company), you probably know that the cards issued to companies are Visa-backed prepaid debit cards. Spendesk uses Mastercard and Visa for its prepaid cards (depending on your country) and follows a similar process.

You can issue an unlimited number of cards, both virtual and physical, to departments or individual cardholders. These cards are tied to the budget allocation provided in Spendesk and are subject to any financial controls or rulesets your team puts in place.

Spendesk offers a native integration with Quickbooks, so that you can close your books every month and export all financial data in a single click.

If you’re using a different accounting software, we also offer custom export options, including CSV, so that the transaction export/import process is still fast and easy.

No. Spendesk sits between your bank and your accounting software tools as a financial management platform for all your business expenses. You’ll transfer money from your bank account to Spendesk via ACH, credit card, or wire transfer. From there, you can allocate funds as you see fit across your business.

Because all of our corporate cards are prepaid, we don’t run credit checks when new cards are generated. We also don’t require a personal guarantee for any kind of funding or impact credit scores in any way for individual cardholders.

Currently, Spendesk is available in the European Economic Area (including Germany, France, United Kingdom, Spain, Norway, Sweden, & Denmark) and in the United States.

Users can create their wallets with currencies in Euro (€), US Dollar ($), Pound (£), Danish Krone (DKK), Norwegian Krone (NOK), and Swedish Krone (SEK).

Currently, PEX offers multiple different accounts, plans, and account types. As a software-as-a-service (SaaS) business, they charge a monthly subscription fee, along with an additional fee for any cards added to your account above the predefined plan limit. Some features are limited based on plan tier.

Spendesk offers a purchasing card process that gives 100% visibility into company spend, so you’ll get corporate cards, expense reimbursements, approvals, budgets, reporting, and pre-accounting all in a single, scalable solution. Pricing is based on company needs and platform usage, so you’ll pay more when you need more.

Find out more about company-specific pricing by getting in touch with our sales team.

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Last updated: 10 June 2022