🇩🇪 Carpe per diem with Spendesk!

Claire Boisseau

Published on November 24, 2019


We know how managing employees per diem allowances can be needlessly hard and complicated. Paper-based processes, complex and time-consuming amounts to calculate, constant evolution of tax regulations and rates - staying on top of it all requires a lot of administrative work.

Good news for business teams in Germany: you now have a dedicated per diem module in your favorite spend management platform! We’ve just launched the first version of this new feature to help meet the local needs of German companies.

Keep reading to see how Spendesk can help you conquer what used to be one of the most painful expense processes around.

In a nutshell

With per diem integrated in the Spendesk platform, your employees simply enter trip details, and Spendesk calculates the exact amount that they should be reimbursed! Which means no more paperwork.

Per diem requests follow whatever approval flow you set, so managers can approve or deny requests as per usual. The Finance team, on the other hand will now have full visibility over all of this spending

This also ensures the company stays compliant with the current regulatory framework.

Fast, easy, compliant: carpe per diem ✌️

How Spendesk manages per diem in Germany

Our first version of this feature focuses specifically on per diem meal allowances, based on the latest rates the German government has put in place.

Simple per diem processing with Spendesk:

  1. The business traveler takes off for their business trip, anywhere in the world.

  2. When they’re back, the traveler makes a per diem request in Spendesk. They just need to enter a few trip details (destination(s), dates, time) and identify any free meals they had during the trip. Then Spendesk auto-calculates the amount accordingly.

  3. The request is sent to their manager to check all the information and approve (or deny) the request.

  4. The finance team can review all request information and easily reimburse the employee the right amount. Just like that.

Per Diem 2

By the way: The per diem module will soon be enriched with hotel allowances. So stay tuned!

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