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Accelerate your digital transformation strategy by diversifying your service offering, revenue stream and customer base 💜

The benefits

  • Customer experience

    Offer exclusive benefits and service support to your clients

  • Growth

    Take advantage of the Spendesk experience and grow your network

  • Tool expertise

    Empower your teams to become experts in operational spend

  • Brand image

    Increase your exposure through partnership and marketing initiatives with a strong, innovative brand

Accountants & part-time CFOs

Spendesk Enables greater collaboration between accounting teams and their clients.

Offer the best solution to your client portfolio and optimize your daily work!

Consulting firms & integrators

Spendesk integrates with all major ERPs & accounting softwares (Xero, Netsuite, Quickbooks, ...).

Strengthen your services and value proposition!

Venture Capital

Spendesk is a scalable solution that supports 00s of young tech companies in managing and controlling their spend.

Diversify your offer by educating your startups and asserting your expertise in the ecosystem.

What are the advantages for you?

Moore Kingston Smith

Simon Woodhams is Outsourcing Digital Innovation Lead for Moore Kingston Smith - a top 20 accounting firm in the UK and and talks about how technology unlocks the future of companies.

Alastair, CEO @Flinder

Alastair Barlow is CEO & Co-founder at Flinder, a company that sees itself as a disrupter and a pioneer; shaking up the accounting industry and acting as a catalyst for change. We're discussing here how to align accounting services with business.

Joan, CEO @Infina

Johan van der Poel is CEO and Founder at Infina, which offers financial direction for tech startups without the need for a full time appointment. He's highlighting the importance of using technology for control & efficiency

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