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The basics

  • What is Spendesk?
  • What is Spend Management?
  • How does Spendesk work?
  • How do virtual cards work?
  • Does Spendesk provide physical cards?
  • Are Spendesk cards accepted everywhere?
  • Are Spendesk cards secure?
  • How is our data being protected?
  • Where are the funds being held?

Using Spendesk

  • Do employees still need to do expense reports?
  • How do I sign up for Spendesk?
  • Will Spendesk scale with my business?
  • In which countries is Spendesk available?
  • Will Spendesk work with our accounting and financial software?
  • Can I talk to a real person to get my questions answered?
  • What are your customer service hours?