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Business expense cards

Choose business expense cards that build trust with employees and provide complete spending control. Real-time approvals requests and simple cardholder receipt submission deliver the fastest possible business expense process.


Regain control with prepaid expense cards

  • Real-time insights

    Track spending with instant notifications and ensure your finance team always has the oversight it requires. Use the centralized digital platform or connect via mobile app to keep employee spending data within reach.

  • Flexible spending

    Update and change the rules when it suits. Design your own company card program that adapts to your specific business needs, with top-up capabilities and custom spending limits for each team member.

  • Team satisfaction

    Give managers the power to find budget details and update expense categories when required. Automate accounting processes and let employees submit receipts instantly through the platform, to avoid the end-of-month chase.

Employee spending as a core finance process

  • Approval policies
  • Team budgets
  • Invoice payment
  • Expense tracking
  • Virtual & physical cards
  • Spending reports
  • Pre-accounting automation

Simplify expense management

Access spend virtually via desktop or mobile app and integrate with accounting software such as Quickbooks, Xero or Sage. Automate your expense management and receipt collection, and send instant reimbursements to cover out-of-pocket employee spending.

Set corporate card spending rules

Empower your managers to own their budgets and define their spending rules. No need to stress about each employee having access to the entire business bank account; reloadable cards connect to a separate platform to protect your company funds. Spending is approved by specified individuals only, so your funds are completely secure. You can even limit users to specific types of spend, including flights, meals, or fuel.

Decrease fraud with virtual business cards

Use virtual cards to spend safely online without compromising employee trust. Single-use virtual cards reduce fraud risks for one-off purchases. And dedicated virtual business cards that handle recurring costs - such as subscriptions - month after month.

Stay ready for tax season and audit

One of the biggest causes of stress for a startup or small business owner is taxes. Maintain a clear audit trail by integrating Spendesk with Quickbooks and perform account reconciliation as you go. This way, you can match and verify expenses in real-time to get a clear, accurate overview of company spending.

Manage company finances from one place

Automating key processes improves your overall finance operations. From optimizing budgets and managing subscriptions, to reconciling employee expenses and supplier invoices, it's now possible to track and control all these elements from one simple platform.

Connect business cards to your accounting system

Say goodbye to end-of-year data entry. Sync your spending activity in one place by directly integrating other tools and ERPs like Xero, Quickbooks, Freshbooks, Microsoft Dynamics, SAP, and Netsuite.


Everyone likes it, because they have full autonomy to spend what needs to be spent.


Aaron Townsend, Financial Controller at Habito

Business expense card FAQs

View some of the most common questions and answers related to Spendesk business debit cards.

Personal credit cards are easy to misuse due to the lack of boundaries around spending. Business credit cards are hard to track since you'll typically only receive statements at the end of each month (which could be too late). Plus, they can affect the credit score of the entire company- since each company credit card is linked to a sole line of credit.

Even typical debit cards create problems as they are all linked to the same account- it's hard to keep track of the purchases of each employee. Instead, company expense cards (powered by Mastercard) allow you to establish a request and approval purchase for every purchase, if necessary.

Spendesk expense cards don't offer cash back. Instead, they save the company money and effort by reducing fraud and ensuring that all business spending is approved in advance. And employees love not having to manage receipts and expense claims manually.

Our all-in-one platform allows you to access billing, invoicing, and reporting seamlessly. Automate VAT extraction, receipt reconciliation and significantly reduce your month-end close by creating spending rules and workflows. Export your data to third-party platforms (like Quickbooks, Xero, or Sage) to manage your financial information easily.

Every individual cardholder will have their own spending limits as set by their individual manager or the finance team. Tops ups are available and can be requested by the employee, for example, in the case of an emergency purchase. The only limit to this is set and controlled by the team member in charge of approval.

  1. Control overspending. Manage debit limits and create spending rules to ensure that the finance team can manage their budget while employees continue to feel trusted.

  2. Speed up month-end. Spendesk's intuitive platform includes automated receipt reconciliation and integration with accounting software. Take advantage of real-time spending notifications with the business expense cards to speed up your month-end and close accounts quickly.

  3. Easy approval. Enjoy a seamless flow between finance teams, managers and employees. Enable your staff to request top-ups outside of their usual spending limits and support them by providing extra funds when necessary.

There is no charge to make unlimited transactions through employee expense cards. There is also no monthly or annual fee to deposit money into the cards; since we're using a centralized account that is not linked to your business bank account.

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Choose the best expense cards for growing businesses

Save precious time. Give freedom. Never lose receipts.