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Better spend decisions at your fingertips

Find the plan that is made for your business.

Find the plan for your business

Control & efficiency





∞ users & approvers

For SMBs looking to streamline their spend management process, all in one place.

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Essentials includes:

  • Unlimited virtual and physical cards

  • End to end invoice management

  • Expense tracking & reimbursement

  • Transactions: 100/month

  • Basic accounting integrations

  • Multi entity management: 3 (for a fee)


∞ users & approvers

For established and growing businesses needing more flexibility, automation & control.

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Everything in "Essentials", plus:

  • Spend dashboards

  • Purchase order tracking

  • Automated & customizable bookkeeping

  • Assisted set-up with onboarding manager

  • Dedicated account team

  • Multi entity management: 5 (for a fee)

  • Budgets and sub-budgets

  • HR and travel integrations


∞ users & approvers

For large companies with complex needs requiring all of Spendesk's capabilities and a customised service.

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Everything in "Scale", plus:

  • Enterprise accounting and HR integrations

  • Transactions: 500/month

  • Open API access

  • AI based automation

  • Unlimited entity management


All features




Smart cards and expense management

Unlimited number of users & approvers
Unlimited physical cards
Unlimited single use and recurring virtual cards
Centralized subscription management
Digital receipt capture (OCR), matching and email forward
Expenses, cash and mileage reimbursement
Per diem (Germany)
Cash withdrawal

Customizable spend control

Play by the rules - define your own rules to collect receipts
Automatic receipt reminders
Advanced spending policies & approval workflows
Multi entity management
3 entities (for a fee)5 entities (for a fee)Unlimited

End-to-end account payable process

Invoice management & payment (email forward, digitalization with OCR, centralization, approval worklows)
Supplier management
Credit notes management
Purchase orders

Budget tracking and real time insights

Expense categories & cost centers
Account balance alerts
Spend trends dashboard reporting
Budget and sub-budget

Bookkeeping copilot

Customisable bookkeeping settings
Custom accounting export
Automatic categorisation of VAT & Expense accounts
Rule-basedRule-based / AI-based

Scalability & inter-operability

Feature-rich mobile app
SSO Google / Microsoft
Slack integration
Accounting integrations (Xero, Datev, QuickBooks)
Native travel integration (TravelPerk)
HR integrations
40+ (excluding Enterprise HR tools) 40+ (including Enterprise HR tools)
NetSuite integration
Open API access

Customer service

Live-chat, email & help center
Onboarding webinar
Assisted set-up with onboarding manager
Dedicated account team

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Our packages are made up of two components:

1. Fixed fee for platform access

To simplify and streamline recurring costs, we have a fixed monthly subscription fee to get access to all payment methods and the platform plan of your choice. You also get unlimited users.

2. Variable fees for transaction usage

To ensure you only pay for what you use, we have variable pricing based on the number of transactions your team makes on Spendesk. Transactions include card purchases, invoice payments and expense claims.

Want to know more about pricing? Contact our sales.

Most Spendesk paid plans have an indefinite term. Unless you subscribe an annual contrat with us, you can close your account at any time (with 2 months prior notice). If you prefer, we do offer premium plans on an annual basis.

Card orders are free of charge and there are no monthly card fees. You can order as many cards as you need for your employees.

We do not charge active user fees. With our paid plans, add as many spenders as you want for ongoing or even just one-off spending.

Hear from our customers

See why over 5,000 CFOs, controllers, accountants and finance admins rely on Spendesk.

  • " The customer support level is the best I've ever seen, and they're constantly adding new features and improving the existing ones. "

  • " Our share of missing invoices went down from 50% to 5% without having to run after my colleagues. Spendesk saves me so much time, I can finally focus on high value tasks. "

  • " I know in real time where the money is spent, and I don’t have to lend out the company’s credit card anymore. What a relief ! "

  • " Spendesk is an ingenious way to manage travel costs and keep track of all my expenses. It really makes my life much easier. "

  • " Spendesk is one of the tools that will allow us to scale. We can add people, new expenses, and expense volume, without adding anything to the back-office because it’s that far automated. And it still keeps us in control "

  • " Spendesk gave us a traceable workflow and validation system. I can find details about any specific purchase any time I need them, which is so important. I simply didn’t have this ability before. "

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